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Colloquium Winners

Summer Research Colloquium

On Friday, August 29, the Physics and Engineering Physics Department held a Summer Research Colloquium to celebrate all of the exciting work going on in the department. The event featured twenty-seven researchers who presented their summer findings in the form of a talk or a poster. Research was presented from both on-campus and off-campus laboratories. Topics ranged from neutron science and many-body physics to new types of energy storage and high performance transistors.
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Clean Room

A Materials Boom at Tulane

Tulane University's Physics and Engineering Physics (PEP) Department is undergoing a major expansion in the area of materials science and engineering, a field that is both as old as human civilization and a critical focus area for 21st century technological advancement. The department has a recent history of strength in this area, and the focused growth in faculty, research, educational programs, and infrastructure is designed to make Tulane's program an internationally recognized center of excellence. Read More »


Tulane physics major wins prestigious Goldwater Scholarship

Skylar Deckoff-Jones, a Tulane University sophomore majoring in physics, has won the prestigious Goldwater Scholarship...Read More »

John Perdew

Physics Professor Is One of World’s Most Cited

John Perdew is measured to be among the world's most cited physicists...Read More »

Zhiqiang Mao

New Materials for Better Defense

Zhiqiang Mao, Dae Ho Kim, & Ulrike Diebold have received a Department of Defense grant to study materials used in bolometric detectors.
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Rogue Wave

"Rogue Wave"

Lev Kaplan's "rogue wave" research was highlighted in The Economist.

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Physics Dual Degree Engineering Program

Physics Dual Degree Engineering Program

Tulane Physics Department establishes new Physics Dual Degree Engineering program with partner institutions Vanderbilt and Johns Hopkins...Read More »

Engineering Physics Program

Engineering Physics Program

Tulane Physics Department establishes new Engineering Physics program.
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James McGuire

Bringing Science and Engineering Together

The American leadership in science and technology in the 21st Century is being challenged. Excellent research universities have been growing...Read More »

Lawrence Pratt

PEP Welcomes Lawrence Pratt, Ph.D.

The Physics Dept. welcomes Dr. Lawrence Pratt, Professor of Chemical Engineering, as an adjunct faculty member.
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Ulrike Diebold

Ulrike Diebold Elected as AAAS Fellow

In December, the Advancing Science, Serving Society (AAAS) council elected 503 members to Fellows of AAAS.

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PolyRMC Research

Wayne Reed and his macromolecular research group have founded the "Tulane Center for Polymer Reaction Monitoring and Characterization" research facility...Read More »

John Perdew Receives Outstanding Award

1st Annual Outstanding Researcher Award

John Perdew is named the recipient of the 1st Annual Outstanding Researcher Award from the School of Science and Engineering.
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Fred Wietfeldt

Tulane Physics Prof Sees the Light

Fred Wietfeldt and collaborators shed new light on the weak nuclear force with Nature article.
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