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This section is intended primarily to serve the faculty, staff, and students of the Physics Department.

Policies, forms, and procedures for the department are provided in the "Physics Department Documents" and "Physics Department Forms and Procedures" sections, please click the links to find the full list of procedures and links to the necessary forms.

Some helpful links to internet sources are provided below:

Physics Department Documents

Guidelines for Physics Graduate Students

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Physics Department Dissertation Templates

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Graduate Students' Enrollment and Status

All students who are not taking classes full time must be registered in dissertation research every semester to keep their status as full time students and to be eligible for health insurance assistance.

Graduate Students' Health Insurance Supplement

As per the Office of Research, all T.A.s and BORs will receive $325 each semester from the SSE Dean toward their health care costs, for a toal of $650/year to help pay the student insurance fee of $1,893. All R.A.s will receive the same amount, but it will have to be paid from the P.I.'s grant.

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