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Active Faculty

Shiva Adireddy, Ph.D.

Shiva Adireddy, Ph.D.Research Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Tulane University (2013)
Field of Research: Functional Nanostructured Materials
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Douglas B. Chrisey, Ph.D.
Professor, Jung Chair of Materials Engineering

Ph.D., University of Virginia (1987)
Field of Research: Materials Engineering
David L. Ederer, Ph.D.

David L. Ederer, Ph.D.Emeritus Professor

Ph.D., Cornell University (1963)
Field of Research: Experimental Solid State Physics

Matthew Escarra, Ph.D.Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Princeton University (2011)
Field of Research: Photonic Materials and Devices
Ryan Glasser

Ryan T. Glasser, Ph.D.Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Louisiana State University (2009)
Field of Research: Quantum Information and Nonlinear Optics
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Norman HorwitzSENIOR Professor of Practice

BME, University of Pittsburgh
Field of Research: Industrial Engineering
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Eliot Kapit, Ph.D.Assistant Professor (STARTING FALL 2015)

Ph.D., Cornell University (2012)
Field of Research: Quantum Simulation and Quantum Computing
Lev Kaplan, Ph.D.

Lev Kaplan, Ph.D.
Professor (Department Chair and ENGP Advisor)

Ph.D., Harvard University (1996)
Field of Research: Quantum Chaos and Quantum Information
James M. MacLaren, Ph.D.

James M. MacLaren, Ph.D.Professor, Dean (Newcomb-Tulane College)

Ph.D., Imperial College, London (1986)
Field of Research: Theoretical Solid State Physics
Zhiqiang Mao, Ph.D.

Zhiqiang Mao, Ph.D.
Professor, Nicholas J. Altiero Professor in Science and Engineering

Ph.D., University of Science and Technology of China (1992)
Field of Research: Low Temperature Condensed Matter Physics

Noa Marom, Ph.D.Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Weizmann Institute of Science (2010)
Field of Research: Computational Materials Science
James H. McGuire, Ph.D.

James H. McGuire, Ph.D. Emeritus Professor

Ph.D., Northeastern (1969)
Field of Research: Theoretical Atomic Physics & Physics Instruction
Guy V. Norton, Ph.D.

Guy V. Norton, Ph.D.
Professor of Practice (Assistant Department Chair)

Ph.D., Tulane University (1990)
Field of Research: Theoretical Acoustic Scattering
Robert D. Purrington, Ph.D.

Robert D. Purrington, Ph.D.Emeritus Professor

Ph.D., Texas A&M (1966)
Field of Research: Nuclear Physics & History of Physics
Wayne F. Reed, Ph.D.

Wayne F. Reed, Ph.D.
Professor (Undergraduate Advisor), Murchison-Mallory Professor of Physics

Ph.D., Clarkson (1984)
Field of Research: Polymer Physics & Biophysics
George Rosensteel, Ph.D.

George Rosensteel, Ph.D.Professor

Ph.D., Toronto (1975)
Field of Research: Mathematical Physics
Michelle Hewlett Sanchez

Michelle Hewlett Sanchez, Ph.D.
Professor of Practice/Director for K-12 STEM Outreach

Ph.D., Stanford University (2011)
Field of Research: Paralinguistic speech problems including emotion recognition and suicide risk and depression detection
Timothy M. Schuler, Ph.D.

Timothy M. Schuler, Ph.D.SENIOR Professor of Practice

Ph.D., Tulane University (2004)
Field of Research: Experimental Solid State Physics
Khazhgery Jerry Shakov, Ph.D.

Khazhgery "Jerry" Shakov, Ph.D.
Senior Professor of Practice (Assistant Department Chair)

Ph.D., Tulane University (2004)
Field of Research: Quantum Control & Physics Instruction

Diyar Talbayev, Ph.D.Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Stony Brook University (2004)
Field of Research: Femtosecond & Terahertz Spectroscopy
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Frank Tipler, Ph.D.Professor

Ph.D., University of Maryland (1976)
Field of Research: Relativity & Cosmology

Jiang Wei, Ph.D.Assistant Professor

Ph.D., University of Washington-Seattle (2010)
Field of Research: Nanodevice Physics
Fred Wietfeldt, Ph.D.

Fred Wietfeldt, Ph.D.Professor (GRADUATE ADVISOR)

Ph.D., U.C. Berkeley (1994)
Field of Research: Experimental Nuclear Physics

Remote Faculty

Ulrike Diebold, Ph.D.

Ulrike Diebold, Ph.D.Research Professor

Ph.D., Technische Universitaet Wien (1990)
Field of Research: Surface Science
John P. Perdew, Ph.D.

John P. Perdew, Ph.D.Research Professor

Ph.D., Cornell University (1971)
Field of Research: Solid State Theory/Density Functional Theory
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Adrienn Ruzsinszky, Ph.D.Assistant research Professor

Ph.D., Budapest University of Technology and Economics (2004)
Field of Research: Solid State Theory/Density Functional Theory

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