Undergraduate Research

Students may receive independent study credit for working in a research laboratory. This counts once towards the major requirement of three laboratory courses. If the research is done in a neuroscience laboratory, then that independent study (or honor's thesis) research may count as the one required neuroscience laboratory.

For a list of Tulane University Neuroscience Faculty who are interested in having undergraduates work in their laboratory, go to Research Faculty. Interested students should contact the faculty member to see if they have any openings in their laboratory. Students are advised to contact the faculty member early in the semester prior to the semester or summer when the research will be done, because laboratory positions fill up quickly.

Click here for Guidelines for Contacting Faculty about research positions

Independent Study courses typically are used for students who are working in laboratories of Neuroscience faculty, although other activities could apply. The number of credits a student takes may vary, but typically it is 3 credits for 10-12 hours of laboratory work per week. Any written component of an Independent Study course is at the discretion of the supervising professor.

Students doing independent study should enroll in Independent Study in Neuroscience (NSCI 4910 in the fall, NSCI 4920 in the spring). To sign up for Neuroscience independent study, students should stop by the Neuroscience offices in room 2013 of Percival Stern Hall and pick up an Independent Study Form NSCI 4910/4920. Students should then complete the form with their research advisor, and return the signed form to Sherrie in the Neuroscience office who will then help complete the registration process.

For additional inquiries about Neuroscience research at Tulane, students should contact individual research faculty, or Peter in the Neuroscience office.

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