Fiona M. Inglis, Ph.D.

University of Glasgow, Wellcome Surgical Institute, Neuroscience, 1992
Associate Professor of Cell and Molecular Biology


Dr. Inglis studies mechanisms of neuronal plasticity during development, and how this might relate to plasticity in later life. She uses both molecular biology and in vivo neurochemical techniques. This work is important in understanding and treating neurodegenerative disease. Dr. Inglis teaches NSCI 4350/6350 (Developmental Neurobiology).

Research Interests

Developmental neurobiology; neuronal plasticity. Studies include molecular interactions that underlie neuronal plasticity during development. Viral vectors and transient transfection techniques are used in tissue culture and in vivo systems. In addition, integrated neuronal function is studied using in vivo microdialysis to measure changes in neurotransmitter release.

Representative Publications

Renner NA, Sansing HA, Morici LA, Inglis FM, Lackner AA, MacLean AG (2012) Microglia activation by SIV-infected macrophages: alterations in morphology and cytokine secretion. J Neurovirol. 18:213-21. 

He H, Mahnke AH, Doyle S, Fan N, Wang CC, Hall BJ, Tang YP, Inglis FM, Chen C, Erickson JD (2012) Neurodevelopmental role for VGLUT2 in pyramidal neuron plasticity, dendritic refinement, and in spatial learning. J Neurosci 32:15886-901.

Chen W., Prithviraj R., Mahnke A.E., McGloin K.E., Tan J.W., Gooch A.W., Inglis F.M.  (2009)  AMPA glu-tamate receptor subunits 1 and 2 regulate dendrite complexity and spine motility in neurons of the develop-ing neocortex.  Neuroscience 159:172-82. 

Prithviraj R., Kelly K.M., Clarke A., Hexom T., Espinoza-Lewis R., Inglis, F.M.  (2008) Differential regulation of dendrite complexity by AMPA receptor subunits GluR1 and GluR2 in motor neurons.  Dev. Neurobiol., 68:247-64.

Thomas C.C., Combe C.L., Dyar K.A., Inglis F.M.  (2008)  Modest alterations in patterns of motor neuron dendrite morphology in the Fmr1 knockout mouse model for fragile X. Int. J. Dev. Neurosci.  26:805-11.

Inglis, F.M., Crockett, R., Korada, S., Abraham, W.C., Hollmann, M., Kalb, R.G., 2002. The AMPA receptor subunit GluR1 regulates dendritic architecture of motor neurons. J. Neurosci. 22:8042-51.

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Wang T., Inglis, F.M., Kalb, R.G. (2000) Defective fluid and HCO3 absorption in the proximal tubule of nitric oxide synthase knockout mice. American Journal of Physiology 279:F518-F524.

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Morrow, B.A., Elsworth, J.E., Inglis, F.M., Roth, R.H. (1999) An antisense oligonucleotide reverses the footshock-induced expression of Fos in the rat medial prefrontal cortex and the subsequent expression of conditioned fear-induced immobility. J. Neuroscience 19:5666-5673.

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Inglis, F.M., Moghaddam, B. (1999) Dopaminergic innervation of the amygdala is highly responsive to stress. J. Neurochem. 72:1088-1094.

Book Chapter

Dictionary of Biological Psychology, Philip Winn, Ed. Routledge, U.K. (60 definitions written, 100-800 words each; subjects covered include molecular and cell biology, genetics, and cerebral blood flow and brain mapping techniques) (in press).

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