Study Abroad

A student who plans to study abroad for a semester or year, should talk to his/her college advisor and the neuroscience major representative, Dr. Beth Wee, about possible courses which are equivalent to Tulane courses and/or which courses might count as neuroscience electives. Once these courses have been identified, the student should take the course descriptions and a Course Equivalency Form to each faculty member who teaches a similar course at Tulane and let that person decide whether or not the course really is equivalent. If it is, then the faculty member should sign the Course Equivalency Form with the course description, indicating that it is an acceptable substitute. The student, his or her advisor, and the neuroscience office (via Dr. Wee) all should keep copies of these approved course descriptions. In some cases, a course NOT offered at Tulane, may still be acceptable as an elective, but this should be cleared with Dr. Wee and the student's college advisor. All of these arrangements should be done BEFORE the student leaves for the semester abroad. Students are advised to keep a syllabus from each course taken abroad to verify the course's content.

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