Pre-medical School Requirements

Pre-medical* students are strongly encouraged to talk to the Pre-professional Advisor to learn about the requirements for medical* school. The standard pre-medical course requirements can be completed by the student majoring in neuroscience. Because medical schools require 2 semesters of biology lecture and laboratory, pre-medical students should take CELL 2115 as one of their laboratory requirements plus either EEOB 1010/1015 or CELL 3030/ 3035 or CELL 3750/3755 in addition to the neuroscience co-requisite courses. EEOB 1010/1015 counts as an elective lecture course, as does CELL 3030 or 3750. CELL 3035 or 3755 would count as one of the three required laboratory courses. Note: although CELL 2050 (Genetics) is not required for completion of the neuroscience major, it is a pre-requisite for the upper level CELL courses (e.g., CELL 3030, 3750).

*Note: Pre-dental and Pre-veterinary students also are encouraged to talk to the Pre-professional Advisor

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