Capstone Items

Students may fulfill their capstone requirement by completion of one of the following:

  1. Honor's thesis in the laboratory of a faculty member in the Neuroscience Program
  2. Independent study in the laboratory of a faculty member in the Neuroscience Program that includes an extensive literature review or other writing component related to the research. Students who choose this option should sign up for NSCI 5111 (when taking NSCI 4910 or NSCI 5112 (when taking NSCI 4920) and complete paperwork for the independent study in the Neuroscience Office, 2013 Stern.   
  3. Behavioral Endocrinology with Lab (NSCI 4060/4065) (Spring semester).
  4. Cognitive Neuroscience with Lab (NSCI 4380/4385) (Spring semester).
  5. Methods in Neuroscience with Lab (NSCI 6150/6155) (Fall semester).
  6. Neuroscience Capstone (NSCI 6910) (Fall semester) topics course, occasionally taught by members of the Neuroscience Faculty. Email Dr. Wee at for details.

Note: If a student is doing a double major with one degree (e.g., B.S. or B.A., completing 120 hours), and the other major requires a capstone, then the student does not need to complete a capstone in Neuroscience. However, if a student is completing a dual degree (e.g., B.S. and B.A., completing 150 hours) with two majors, then capstones must be completed in each major.

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