New Books

March 30th, 2015

  • Geometric and Spectral Analysis/ editor Pierre Albin
  • Michael Atiyah Collected Works Volume 6  
  • Basic Algebraic Geometry 1 / by Igor R. Shafarevich
  • Recent Advances in Representation Theory, Quantum Groups, Algebraic Geometry, and Related Topics / by Pramod N. Achar
  • Variational and Optimal Control Problems on Unbound Domains / editor Gershon Wolansky
  • Operator Methods in Wavelets, Tilings, and Frames/ editor Veronika Furst
  • Riemann and Klein Surfaces, Automorphisms, Symmetries/ editor Milagros Izquierdo
  • Abstract Analogues of Flux as Symplectic Invariants / by Paul Seidel
  • Monoidal Topology / editor Dirk Hofmann

* Additional New Titles from the past 1 to 2 weeks are shelved underneath the New Book section. These particular books, even though considered new, are available for check-out.

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