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Spring 2013 Semester

Ascher & Greif. A First Course in Numerical Methods.

Bailey, et al. Experimental Mathematics in Action.

Borwein, J. Pi and the AGM: A Study in Analytic Number Theory and Computational Complexity.

Bredon, G. Topology and Geometry.

Brockwell & Davis. Time Series: Theory and Methods. (2nd edition).

Burden & Faires. Numerical Analysis. (9th edition).

Dummit & Foote. Abstract Algebra. (3rd edition).

Evans, Lawrence C. Partial Differential Equations. (2nd edition).

Gaetan & Guyon. Spatial Statistics and Modeling.

Hartshorne, R. Algebraic Geometry.

Johnson, C. Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations by the Finite Element Method.

Kumanduri & Romero. Number Theory with Computer Applications.

Lax, P. Functional Analysis.

Munkres, J. R. Analysis on Manifolds.

Pinchover & Rubinstein. An Introduction to Partial Differential Equations.

Resnick, S. Adventures in Stochastic Processes.

Rice, J. Mathematical Statistics and Data Analysis. (3rd edition).

Royden & Fitzpatrick. Real Analysis. (4th edition).

Rudin, W. Principles of Mathematical Analysis. (3rd edition).

Trench, W. Introduction to Real Analysis.

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