Travel Reimbursements

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There are several ways to obtain support to attend meetings in which you are making a presentation of a poster or giving a talk (and in some cases just attending only).  Below is a list of potential opportunities and the maximum funding level as of January 2010.

GSSA Link:

  • first come, first serve
  • all graduate students only eligible for one travel award each school year
  • please note that your department is in good standing with GSSA
  • $250 if you are presenting
  • $200 if you are attending but not presenting
  • apply by email (see link above for information)


Eligibility: must first request support from GSSA; either you or GSSA treasurer will present your case to GAPSA

Amount:  up to $ 500 once

Deadline: before travel at least 4 days prior to GAPSA finance committee meeting


Provost’s office

Eligibility: graduate students at all levels may apply for one of approximately 15 awards per year

Amount: up to $400

Deadline: three deadlines per year : Dec. 1 (for spring travel), May 1 (for summer travel) and September 1 (for fall)


SSE Graduate Dean’s Office

Eligibility: SSE graduate students pursuing Ph.D. degrees

Amount: up to $ 300 for one trip each year

Deadline: notification of Dean’s office in writing prior to travel

Graduate Travel Reimbursement Form 

School of Science and Engineering, 201 Lindy Boggs Center, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-865-5764