Committee Memberships 2014–2015

Wayne Reed, Secretary of the Faculty (2014-2016)
Michael Cunningham, Parliamentarian (2014-2017)

Executive Committee
Promotion and Tenure Committee
Curriculum Committee
Graduate Studies Committee
Grievance Committee
Nominating Committee
Professor of Practice Promotion Advisory Committee

Executive Committee

Donald Gaver, Chair of Biomedical Engineering
YiPing Chen, Chair of Cell and Molecular Biology
Anne Robinson, Chair of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Brent Koplitz, Chair of Chemistry
Michael Mislove, Chair of Computer Science
Torbjorn Tornqvist, Chair of Earth and Environmental Science
David Heins, Chair of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Morris Kalka, Chair of Mathematics
Lev Kaplan, Chair of Physics and Engineering Physics
Stacy Overstreet, Chair of Psychology
Nicholas Altiero, Dean, Committee Chair
Gary McPherson, Senior Associate Dean for Research and Facilities
Janet Ruscher, Associate Dean for Graduate Programs
Beth Wee, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs
Sandra Parker, Assistant Dean for Finance and Personnel
Michelle Sanchez, Director of K-12 Outreach (ex officio)
Nicole Graas, Director of Development (ex officio)
Melissa Erekson, Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations (ex officio)

Promotion and Tenure Committee:

Hank Bart (2012-2015)
Lisa Fauci (2012-2015), Committee Chair
Don Gaver (2012-2015)
Jill Daniel (2013-2016)
George Flowers (2013-2016)
Bruce Gibb (2013-2016)
Vijay John (2014-2017)
Laura Schrader (2014-2017)
Fred Wietfeldt (2014-2017)

Curriculum Committee:

Lars Gilbertson, Biomedical Engineering
Nancy Hopkins, Cell and Molecular Biology
W Godbey, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Mark Sulkes, Chemistry
Carola Wenk, Computer Science
George Flowers, Earth and Environmental Sciences
Jordan Karubian, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Albert Vitter, Mathematics
Tim Schuler, Physics and Engineering Physics
Janet Ruscher, Psychology
Gary Dohanich, Neuroscience Program (ex officio)
Beth Wee, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs (ex officio)
Eleanor Berault, Staff, SSE Dean’s Office (ex officio)
Carol Pizer, Academic Advising, N-T College (ex officio)
Dayna Gessler, Academic Advising, N-T College (ex officio)
Tudie Gleason, Enrollment Management (ex officio)

Graduate Studies Committee:

Michael Moore, Biomedical Engineering
Laura Schrader, Cell and Molecular Biology
Dan Shantz, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Mark Fink, Chemistry
Nancye Dawers, Earth and Environmental Sciences
Caz Taylor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Tai Huy Ha, Mathematics
DiyarTalbayev, Physics and Engineering Physics
Lisa Molix, Psychology
Jeffrey Tasker, Neuroscience Program (ex officio)
Janet Ruscher, Associate Dean for Graduate Programs (ex officio)
Stephanie Borrego, Staff, SSE Dean's Office (ex officio)

Grievance Committee:

Lee Murfee, Biomedical Engineering
Shusheng Wang, Cell and Molecular Biology
Kyriakos Papadopoulos, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Joel Mague, Chemistry, Committee Chair
Torbjorn Tornqvist, Earth and Environmental Sciences
Michael Blum, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Mac Hyman, Mathematics
Jiang Wei, Physics and Engineering Physics
Bonnie Nastasi, Psychology

Nominating Committee:

Damir Khismatullin, Biomedical Engineering
David Mullin, Cell and Molecular Biology
Kim O'Connor, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Committee Chair
Mike Herman, Chemistry
Karen Johannesson, Earth and Environmental Sciences
Steve Darwin, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Slawomir Kwasik, Mathematics
Doug Chrisey, Physics and Engineering Physics
Gary Dohanich, Psychology
Wayne Reed, Secretary of the SSE Faculty
Nicholas Altiero, Dean

Professor of Practice Promotion Advisory Committee:

Wayne Reed (2013-2016)
TBD (2014-2017)
TBD (2014-2017)
TBD (2014-2016)
TBD (2014-2015)

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