Adjunct Faculty

Brad E. Rosenheim

Brad RosenheimAdjunct Professor

Phone: 504-865-5198

Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Blessey Hall
New Orleans, LA 70118


Ph.D., University of Miami, 2005
B.S., University of Vermont, 1999

Research Interests

Carbon cycle
Carbonate Geochemistry


Rosenheim, B.E.,
M.B. Day, H. Schrum, E.M. Domack, A. Benthien, J.M. Hayes. (2008). "Antarctic sediment chronology by programmed temperature pyrolysis:  Methodology and data treatment."  Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems.

Rosenheim, B.E., P.K. Swart, A. Eisenhauer.  (2007) "Constraining initial 230Th activity in incrementally deposited, biogenic aragonite from the Bahamas"  Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, v.71, pp. 4025-4035.

Rosenheim, B.E., P.K. Swart.  (2007)  "Caribbean sclerosponge radiocarbon measurements re-interpreted in terms of U/Th age models."  Nuclear Instruments and Measures in Physics Research B.  Beam interactions with materials and atoms. v.259(1), pp. 474-478.

Moses, C.S., P.K. Swart, B.E. Rosenheim.  (2006)  "Evidence of multi-decadal salinity variability in the eastern tropical North Atlantic."  Paleoceanography.

Rosenheim, B. E., P. K. Swart, et al. (2005). "Salinity change in the subtropical Atlantic:  Secular increase and teleconnections to the North Atlantic Oscillation." Geophysical Research Letters 32(L02603).

Rosenheim, B. E., P. K. Swart, et al. (2005). "Minor and trace elements in sclerosponge Ceratoporella nicholsoni:  Biogenic aragonite near the inorganic endmember." Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 228:  109-129.

Rosenheim, B. E., P. K. Swart, et al. (2004). "High resolution Sr/Ca records in sclerosponges calibrated to temperature in situ." Geology 32(2): 145-148.

Swart, P. K., S. R. Thorrold, B.E. Rosenheim, A. Eisenhauer, C.G.A. Harrison, M. Grammer, C. Latcokzy. (2002). "Intra-annual variation in the stable oxygen and carbon and trace element composition of sclerosponges." Paleoceanography 17(3): 1045

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