Seminars - Spring 2013

All seminars are at 12:00 PM (Noon) on Fridays in Room 240 Lindy Boggs building.  Exception:  Ron Oremland will present on Wednesday, February 20th.

January 18

Neogene through Holocene History of the Antarctic Ice Sheet: A View from the Continental Shelf.

Dr. Julia Smith Wellnerresearch assistant professor and co-director, geoscience learning center, department of earth and atmospheric sciences, university of houston.

January 25

Constraining Normal Fault Strength Using Rider Blocks

Dr. Eunseo Choiassistant professor, Center for Earthquake Research and Information, university of memphis.

February 1

Geomorphic and sedimentary proxies for historical and contemporary disturbances: Northern Gulf Coastal Plain

Dr. Frank Heitmullerassistant professor of geology, the university of southern mississippi.

February 8

Determining the Mid Jurassic Sedimentation Patterns and Basement Architecture of the Eastern Gulf of Mexico

Dr. Dolores Robinsonassociate professor, department of geological sciences, university of alabama.

February 15

The rest of the "snowball" Earth story

Dr. Huiming Baoassociate professor,department of geology and geophysics, louisiana state univeristy.

Feb 20 - Wed

Arsenic and the Meaning of Life

Dr. Ron Oremlandsenior scientist, u.s. geological survey.

March 1

The fractionation of copper isotopes: From continental-scale weathering to cellular processin

Dr. David Borrockprofessor and director, school of geosciences, university of louisiana-lafayette.

March 8

Integrated Hydrologic Investigations: Case Studies from Africa

Dr. Mohamed Sultanprofessor and director, earth sciences remote sensing lab, western michigan university.

March 15

Paleoceanography on Human Time Scales:  Case studies from Antarctica and the Tropical Atlantic

Dr. Brad RosenheimAssistant Professor, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Tulane University

March 22

Stream Geochemistry and Weathering Processes in a Polar Desert Environment

Dr. W. Berry LyonsIngerson Lecturer 2013 and director, school of earth sciences, the ohio state university.

March 29

No Seminar - Spring Break

April 5

The nature of the stratigraphic record, part III: Process controls on stratigraphic completeness and basin filling sedimentation patterns

Dr. Kyle StraubAssistant Professor, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Tulane University

April 11 - Thursday

1:30 - 2:30 p.m. - Room 219

Cosmic geologic catastrophes and the pursuit of the paradigm-shifting paper: A journey from Tulane to Nature Geoscience by way of an end-Cretaceous barbecue

Dr. Tamara Goldinassociate editor, nature geoscience

April 12

Trace Elements in Dead Zones: Some Geochemical Puzzles

Dr. George Helz
professor emeritus,department of chemistry and biochemistry, university of maryland.
April 19

The clumped isotope thermometer in mollusks:  The latest on calibration and diagenesis, and results from Cretaceous high-latitude belemnites

Dr. Benjamin Passeyassistant professor, department of earth and planetary sceinces, johns hopkins university

May 10

The Fluvial Response to the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum

Dr. Brady Foremanpostdoctoral researcher, st. anthony falls laboratory, university of minnesota

Seminars - Fall 2012


September 7

The Role of the Mississippi River in Louisiana Coastal Restoration

Dr. Mead Allisonassociate director,institute for geophysics,ut austin.

September 14

Recent Discoveries in the Talladega Belt

Dr. David AllisonAssociate profess0r,department of EArth Sciences, university of south alabama.

September 21

Evolution of Louisiana's Mississippi Delta and Chenier Plain

Dr. Marc HijmaPost-doctoral Fellow, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Tulane University.,br/>

September 28

Geochemical guidelines for play areas:  The need for safe soil policies to protect children

Dr. Howard MielkeResearch Professor, Department of Pharmacology, Tulane School of Medicine

October 12

No Seminar - Fall Break

October 19

Fate and Transport of Zinc Smelter Particulates near Spelter, West Virginia

Dr. George FlowersAssociate Professor,department of earth and environmental sciences, tulane univeristy.

November 2

Graduate Student Presentations

Graduate students present oral and poster presentationsDepartment of Earth and Environmental Sciences

November 9

Saltwater Intrusion in the Baton Rouge Aquifer System

Dr. Frank TsaiAssociate Professor,department of civil and environmental engineering, louisiana state univeristy, baton rOUGE 

November 16

Where and Why Uranium is Concentrated in Natural Settings and Rocks: Is it Time for a Paradigm Shift?

Dr. Troy RasburyAssociate Professor,department of geosciences, stony brook university.

November 23

No Seminar - Thanksgiving Break

November 30

Title to be announced

Dr. Janok Bhattacharyaprofessor of geology, university of houston.

December 14

The World's Largest Environmental Cleanup Project

Ken NilesNuclear Safety Division Administrator, Oregon Department of Energy

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