Seminars - Spring 2015

All seminars are at 12:00 PM (Noon) on Fridays in Room 206, SELAB Complex building.

January 16


January 23


January 30


February 6

A BIG PICTURE from a SMALL SPOT: intra-shell geochemistry in planktic foraminifera

Dr. Lael Vetter Tulane University-Earth and Environmental Sciences

February 13

Linking Morphology and Depositional Processes of Bank-attached Bars in Sinuous Migrating Submarine Channels


February 20

Glaciers and glacier change in western Canada

Dr. Brian Menounos  university of Northern British Columbia

February 27 

Sea Level and the Solid Earth: Interactions Across Geoscience Timescales

Dr. Clinton Conrad University of Hawaii

March 6

Oh That Sinking Feeling: A Radar's View of Southern Louisiana

Dr. Cathleen Jones  JPL
March 13

Improving understanding of methane cycling in peatlands using multi-scale geophysical measurements

Dr. Lee Slater Rutgers University

March 20

Real and apparent changes in erosion and deposition rates through time

Dr. Rina SchumerDesert research institute

March 27

No - Seminar  Spring Break/Easter Holiday

April 3

Sediment Dynamics on Louisiana Continental Shelf: Longshore Transport, River Dispersal, and Hurricane Redistribution

Dr. Kevin XuLSU

April 10

Lakes in the desert: Reconstructing past precipitation changes from the US Great Basin to the Atacama Desert

Dr. David McGeeMIT

April 17

The Role of Terrestrially-Derived Organic Carbon in the Coastal Ocean: A Changing Paradigm

Dr. Tom BianchiUniversity of Florida

April 24

The MESSENGER mission to Mercury: The geology of the innermost planet after 4 years or orbital observations

Dr. Christian KlimczakUniversity of Georgia

May 1

Incipient Motion in the Wave Bottom Boundary Layer

Dr. Donya FrankNaval Research Laboratory Stennis Space Center, MS

May 8


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