New Orleans Geological Society Scholarship Award Winners for 2013


Nogs Awards 2013

The Board of Trustees of the New Orleans Geological Society (NOGS) Memorial Foundation approved four EES students for scholarships for 2013. The students received their awards at the October 2013 meeting. Left to right, Jordan Adams (NOGS Memorial Foundation Graduate Scholarship; Christiane Alepuz (Jules & Olga Braunstein Senior Award), Torbjörn  Törnqvist  (Department Chair); Daniel Coleman (Jules & Olga Braunstein Junior Award;  Katherine Telfeyan  (James Allen Gilreath Graduate Award).

Katherine Telfeyan - $3,000 Cash Award

Katherine Telfeyan first realized what she wanted to study in graduate school while writing the capstone to complete her minor in poverty and human capabilities at Washington and Lee University. To finish this degree she had to combine the curriculum with studies from her major (i.e. geology). She decided to research the arsenic poisoning of millions of people in Southeast Asia. Katherine learned, and was able to convince others in the program, that geology and natural resources are essential for any developing society. This is especially true for water resources, both the supply and quality.

After her first year of graduate school at Tulane, she worked on an arsenic project in India. Katherine is now in her third year of dissertation research, which is focused on groundwater chemistry in southeastern Louisiana, particularly the cycling of trace metals. She will examine the redox chemistry using ion exchange columns and will collect her results to build geochemical models to summarize the zones of geochemical reactions and determine whether delta sediments are a source or supply of these elements to the Gulf of Mexico. After graduation, Katherine hopes to continue groundwater geochemistry research either in the private sector or through government research.

Jordan Adams – $2,500 Cash Award

Jordan Marie Adams is a PhD student in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Tulane University.  She is working with fluvial geomorphologist Dr. Nicole Gasparini on the broad topic of post-
fire erosion. Her current research focuses on using terrestrial LiDAR scans to quantify erosion and deposit on volumes across a severely burned watershed in the Chiricahua Mountains in Arizona. Additionally, she is using numerical models to examine the controls on the sediment transport that occurred after the 2011 Horseshoe 2 Fire. She graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science from Moravian College in 2010.

Christiane Alepuz - $2,500 Senior Cash Award

Christiane Alepuz was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, and lived there until Hurricane Katrina. During Hurricane Katrina, Christiane and her family relocated to Houston, Texas, where she finished high school. While living in Texas, she traveled around the state, and realized how beautiful it was. With a passion for science and exploration, Christiane entered Tulane, but she was undecided as to what science to pursue. Since she had always enjoyed the outdoors, she decided to take Physical Geology, and discovered that she loved it. She has been a geology major ever since and plans on pursuing a graduate degree in geology after graduation.

Daniel Coleman - $2,000 Junior Cash Award

Daniel Coleman is a half-deaf environmentalist with a fascination for the natural world. Ever since he was fairly young, he loved learning about the environment. Initially, he was solely focused on biology, but upon entering Tulane he was exposed to geology and instantly fell in love. It all started when he went out of his comfort zone and applied for a position in a coastal geology lab. He still works in this lab and loves the hands on experience it has given him. Daniel is passionate about research and has worked on projects about subsidence and groundwater discharge. The goal of conducting research and amassing new geological knowledge is an inspiring and motivating one. Daniel is a very hard-worker and dedicates himself completely to the tasks he takes on, whether they be academic or extra-curricular. He is a strong proponent of complimenting his intellectual pursuits with social and environmental endeavors, which keeps him happily busy.



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