Field Geology - Field Camp Requirement

A field geology course of at least 3 credits is required to fulfill the Geology capstone requirement. Currently, students are required to complete this course at another accredited college or university. These courses, usually known as Field Camps, are generally offered during the summer term and range from 4-7 weeks. Most students complete this requirement the summer after their junior year. Prerequisites vary, but nearly always include Sed/strat, Structure, and some Mineralogy/Petrology.

Today there is much variety amongst field camps, with some being more traditional and others focused more on environmental applications. Many now incorporate tools such as GPS and GIS. You need to decide which course to attend early, as most have application deadlines in the early spring and space is often limited. The course you choose needs to be approved by the Department. Before you decide upon a course to take, please read How to Choose a Geology Field Camp, by David Rodgers, former Geology Field Camp director, Idaho State University. If you choose a field course in a mountainous region of the western U.S., you may want to also read ISUs Stuff to Bring to Field Camp.

Costs vary considerably depending on the location, means of travel, type of accommodation, tuition etc. The National Association of Geoscience Teachers sponsors $500 scholarships to help offset the costs. The application deadline is Feb. 16th.

Another scholarship source is ExxonMobil.  The website for information is: 

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