B.S. in Environmental Science

Environmental Science Major

The Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences (EENS) offers an environmental science major, which provides students with broad exposure to environmental problems, as well as training in essential problem-solving skills, such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Environmental Informatics (EI).  The major is similar to the EENS geology major in that it requires a broad background in the natural sciences, as well as a core curriculum that familiarizes students with methods and tools.  tudents completing the major should be able to enter environmental scientist positions in private industry, environmental consulting firms, and regulatory agencies; however, additional education at the M.S. level may be required by some employers.  In addition, the major provides a strong science background for individuals seeking to practice environmental law.  Students majoring in environmental science may elect to broaden their education in environmental policy by completing a second major in environmental studies in the School of Liberal Arts.

I. Ancillary Science Courses (five courses)

 -MATH 1210 Calculus I
 -MATH 1220 Calculus II
 -CHEM 1070/1075 General Chemistry I and  Lab I
 -CHEM 1080/1085 General Chemistry II and Lab II
 -CHEM 2410/2415 Organic Chemistry I and  Lab I OR
       CHEM 2500 Environmental Chemistry

II. Foundational Courses (two courses)

 -EBIO 1010/1015 Diversity of Life and Laboratory
 -EENS 1300/1305 Earth as a Living Planet and Laboratory

III. Core Courses (seven courses) 

 -EBIO 2020 Theory and Methods of Ecology and
       Evolutionary Biology
- EBIO 2050 Global Change Biology OR EBIO 2040
       Conservation Biology
 -EENS 2070 Weather and Climate
 -EBIO 3040/3045 General Ecology and Laboratory
 -EENS 3100 Geomorphology  
 -EENS 3150/3151 Introduction to GIS
 -EENS 4020 Geostatistics
IV. Elective and Capstone (five courses)

To include any four EENS courses

  Capstone experience: 
       Environmental Field Study (EENS 3980), OR
       Environmental Science Capstone Course (4940), OR
       Environmental Science Research Capstone (EENS 4950)
       OR Honors Thesis (EENS 4990-5000)

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Environmental Science Minor

A minor in Environmental Science would consist of six (6) courses as follows:

  • EENS 1300/1305 – Earth as a Living Planet Laboratory
  • EBIO 1010/1015 – Diversity of Life/Laboratory
  • EBIO 2050 – Global Change Biology
  • One Course from EENS 2020 – Environmental Geology; EENS 2070 – Weather & Climate; EENS 2230 – Oceanography; EENS 2040 – Natural Disasters
  • EBIO 3040/3045 – General Ecology
  • One 3000+ EENS Elective (e.g., EENS 3100 – Geomorphology; EENS 6030 – Geospatial Analysis; EENS 6260 – Paleoclimatology; EENS 4250 – Isotopes in the Environment; EENS 4300 – groundwater Hydrology; EENS 4360 – Environmental Geochemistry)

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