The Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology is committed to excellence in teaching, research, and service. We pursue our scientific and educational missions in integrative biology by discovering new knowledge and by providing a rich learning and mentoring environment for undergraduate and graduate students. We provide our students with analytical and technological skills for a wide range of disciplines, from biology, environmental science, and conservation to law, medicine, and public health. We study organisms, populations, communities, and ecosystems as we focus our efforts on ecology, evolution, conservation, and global change. We emphasize academic inquiry in tropical and river/coastal biology. Undergraduate and graduate students collaborate in the creation and dissemination of knowledge about organisms and their environments.

Wetlands Research

Wetlands Research

The Louisiana wetlands provide vast opportunities for researchers. Here students Jennifer Janowsky and Mae Berlow of Dr. Van Bael’s lab are collecting marsh grass specimens.

Louisiana Classroom

Louisiana as a Classroom

Undergraduate students explore Southeastern Louisiana from the beaches of Grand Isle to the longleaf pine forests of the North Shore in Dr. Henry’s Natural History of Louisiana class.

Conservation Biology

Conservation Biology

Erik Enbody, a student in Dr. Karubian’s lab, promotes the conservation of the white-shouldered fairy wren by sharing his research with locals who share the bird’s habitat.

Urban Ecology

Urban Ecology

Jenny Phillips, with Dr. Derryberry’s lab, records the birdsong of the white crowned sparrow in San Francisco to study how its affected by urban noise.



Dr. McLean’s Aquatic Autotrophs class allows students take a microscopic look at the world.


Department News


Extremely Rare ‘Pocket Shark’ Identified by Tulane
Biologists »

Dr. Bart and his team helped NOAA identify a super rare shark, which is now a permanent resident of the Tulane’s fish collection…

A New Hypothesis for Tropical Bird Speciation »

Dr. Derryberry suggests speciation may not occur because of geographical isolation but population movement across a continent…

Dr. Renata Ribeiro Studies Affect of Lead on Mockingbirds’ Songs »

Mockingbirds rely on song to attract mates, but lead in New Orleans’ soil may hinder their ability to learn new tunes…

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Departmental Vision

The Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology will be recognized as a center for solution-based science in ecology and evolutionary biology. The foci will be tropical and river-coast ecosystems. We will conduct translational research: basic scientific advance is not only an end in itself but also a means to providing solutions to global environmental challenges. The Department will provide students with the theory and skills needed to question, discover, understand and restore.

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