Computer Science Is Hiring! October 16, 2014

This year we are initiating a multi-year plan to hire several faculty. The goals include establishing groups in systems and in machine learning. We also are interested in attracting leading scholars in areas that complement our existing strengths. These positions are open at all ranks. Each of the successful candidates has the possibility of a joint appointment with IHMC. Our goal is to continue to develop a distinguished faculty representing a broad range of areas of computer science. For more information, see our Open Positions page.

The Computer Science department will have research groups in a number of areas, each of which will have a senior faculty member leading the group. We currently have a group in algorithms composed of Professors Mettu and Wenk. Professor Venable, who has a joint appointment with the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition in Ocala, Florida, works in computational social choice, an area within Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Professor Michael Mislove, the chair of the department, has a joint appointment in mathematics, and he works in computational models and the mathematical and logical foundations of the discipline. With the addition of a group in systems and a group in machine learning, we believe our department will offer the range of expertise expected of an international leader in computer science.

The guiding principle in all of our efforts — hiring, undergraduate and graduate education, and research — is the application of computer science and its principles to related areas of science and engineering, the health sciences, areas of the liberal arts, and areas included in the professional schools at Tulane, as well as to develop a strong group of faculty in core computer science. We intend to be a leading program with an innovative curriculum that is known for education and research at the interface between computer science and other disciplines.

Computer Science Makes a Comeback January 15, 2014

Computer science makes a comeback

Brenan Keller delights in playing the role of guinea pig. As one of a handful of Tulane University students who are in the School of Science and Engineering’s fledgling coordinate computer science major, he can’t think of a better, more practical way to prepare for his future.

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IHMC Robotics Finishes Strong Second in Robotics Trails December 21, 2013

IHMC Robotics Finishes Strong Second in Robotics Trails

Homestead Miami Speedway—IHMC Robotics rode a strong second day in the DARPA Robotics Challenge (DRC) to finish in second place overall in the second phase of the international robotics competition. The team from the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition in Pensacola was up against 16 of the best robotics development teams in the world.

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Engineering Alumnus Creates Endowment for New Computer Science Program Spring 2013

Engineering Alumnus Creates Endowment for New Computer Science Program

James Mead (E ’81) understands the value of launching a new program at a university. As one of the first graduates of biomedical engineering at Tulane, Mead used the analytical skills he gained as an undergraduate to pursue a highly successful career in investment banking.

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