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Tulane’s Department of Computer Science Is Hiring!

This year we are initiating a multi-year plan to hire several faculty members. The goals include establishing groups in systems and in machine learning. We also are interested in attracting leading scholars in areas that complement our existing strengths. These positions are open at all ranks. Each of the successful candidates has the possibility of a joint appointment with IHMC. Our goal is to continue to develop a distinguished faculty representing a broad range of areas of computer science. For more information, follow the link above to Open Positions.

Tulane researchers receive $1.4 million to pay attention

Edward Golob, an associate professor of psychology at Tulane University, is the principal investigator on a $1.4 million, five-year grant from the National Institutes of Health that will study how such auditory spatial attention, which scientists believe is vital to the survival of both humans and animals, operates in the brain.
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Alumnus wins $1 million in robotics competition

Movie robots are often more science fiction than science fact. Unlike the intelligent robots of A.I. and Chappie, real ones developed in engineering labs tend to be slow, clumsy and incapable of making good decisions on their own.
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Welcome to the Tulane Department
of Computer Science

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Tulane University has established a new computer science program that provides outstanding curricular offerings taught by faculty who are internationally recognized for their research on applications of computer science to related disciplines.

The new program began offering introductory courses in Fall 2011. In June, 2012, the Department was re-established and three new regular faculty were hired: Ram Mettu, Brent Venable and Carola Wenk. In 2014, we added Anastasia Kurdia, a computational geometer who holds a Professor of Practice position.

During the 2012–2013 academic year we established an undergraduate coordinate major in computer science. This year we are implementing an Interdisciplinary PhD program in Computer Science that focuses on the application of computer science and its principles to related areas. The areas in which students can complete this program include mathematics, biology, psychology, linguistics, as well as other areas where the computer science faculty have expertise. We have TAs available for this program to begin in Fall 2015. Interested students should contact any of our faculty about the possibilities.

We also are collaborating with the linguistics faculty to establish a Masters in computational linguistics. This program will leverage our relationship with the Florida Institute of Human and Machine Cognition, which has a number of the world’s leaders in Natural Language Processing on its staff.

The Computer Science department will have research groups in a number of areas, each of which will have a senior faculty member leading the group. We currently have a group in algorithms composed of Professors Mettu and Wenk. Professor Venable, who has a joint appointment with the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition in Ocala, Florida, works in computational social choice, an area within Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Professor Michael Mislove, the chair of the department, has a joint appointment in mathematics, and he works in computational models and the mathematical and logical foundations of the discipline. With the anticipated addition of a group in systems and a group in machine learning, the department will offer the range of expertise expected of an international leader in computer science.

The guiding principle in all of our efforts — hiring, undergraduate and graduate education, and research — is on the application of computer science and its principles to related areas of science and engineering, of the health sciences, of the liberal arts, and areas included in the professional schools at Tulane, as well as to develop a strong group of faculty in core computer science. We intend to be a leading program with an innovative curriculum that is known for education and research at the interface between computer science and other disciplines.

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