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February 2016

"The Global Energy Challenge: Energy for 1(x6 Billion)" was the talk in McAlister Auditorium on Valentine's night. Daniel G. Nocera, Patterson Rockwood Professor from Harvard University is the 2016 Jonassen Lecturer. Professor Nocera gave a public lecture, Sunday, February 14 at 6:00PM, and a second lecture Monday, February 15, after a coffee reception in Richardson 117 titled, "The Artificial Leaf: Authentic Artificial Photosynthesis"

July 2015

 Xavier's President, Professor Reynold Verret and Tulane Professors, Mike Herman, Larry Byers and Brent Koplitz

Xavier's President, Prof. Reynold Verret, visited his Chemistry Department colleagues and friends!

(Photo courtesy of Emelina Sanchez)



As of July 1, Alex Burin is now a full professor in the Department of Chemistry. Alex joined the Tulane faculty in 2003, and his theoretical work has had a major impact in chemistry, physics, and engineering. Congratulations, Professor Burin!


June 2015


Bruce Gibb receives NSF award for research into "Nano-Containers for Novel Separations and Reactions".


Scott Grayson and Henry Ashbaugh (Chemical Engineering) lead PI receive National Science Foundation REU award,  "REU Site: Summer Materials Research at Tulane (SMART)".


Scott Grayson receives National Science Foundation MSN award, "Novel Amphiphilic Polymers to Elucidate the Effect of Architecture on Micellization".


Igor Rubtsov and Alex Burin receive National Science Foundation award for "Studying energy transport in molecules, including the ballistic transport."


May 2015

Scott Grayson lead PI on a Louisiana Board of Regents award, "Nano-materials Separation and Characterization Equipment".


April 2015

Brent Koplitz awarded Louisiana Board of Regents grant to fund two, 4 year Graduate Student Fellowship in Chemistry.


March 2015

Janarthanan Jayawickramarajah lead PI on a National Institute of Health (S10), award, "Acquisition of Surface Plasmon Resonance Biosensor: Enhancing Biomedical (Bio)-Molecular Recognition Projects".


January 2015

Bruce Gibb lead PI on a National Science Foundation workshop award, "Accelerating our Understanding of Supramolecular Chemistry in Aqueous Solutions: A Workshop Proposal".



August 2014

SMATDAP-Tulane University-Scott Grayson, Bruce Gibb, Henry Ashbaugh, Wayne ReedBruce Gibb and Scott Grayson are the Department of Chemistry recipients of a multi-PI, NSF EPSCoR Research    Infrastructure Improvement (RII) Track-2 award, "The Smart MATerial Design, Analysis, and Processing (SMATDAP)  Consortium: Building next-generation polymers and the tools to accelerate cost-effective commercial production".

(Photo courtesy of Paula Burch-Celentano)



Henry Ashbaugh (Chemical Engineering) and Bruce Gibb receive NSF award, "Capacious Deep-Cavity Cavitand/Hydrophobic Guest Assemblies with Tunable Interior Volumes" .



May 2014


At the Tulane University Commencement ceremony, Scott Grayson, associate professor of chemistry, received the Suzanne and Stephen Weiss Presidential Fellowship that honor faculty members who have a sustained record of effective, inspiring and distinguished teaching. Recipients receive a special medal, $5,000 a year for four years, and permanent designation as a Weiss Fellow.

  (Photo courtesy of Paula Burch)


April 2014

russ schmehl researcher award

April 10th, Professor Russell Schmehl was awarded the 8th Annual "Outstanding Researcher Award" by the School of Science Engineering with  a ceremony and followed by a reception..

(Photo courtesy of Linda Chevalier)

Congratulations to Clara Nyby who won the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship to perform
"Spectroscopic study of structure-dependent energy transport along polymer chains"

January 2014
Professor Bruce C. Gibb is the new (co) Editor-in-Chief for Supramolecular Chemistry (Taylor and Francis).

Mardi Gras Symposium 2014 to be held at Tulane on Feb. 28th.  Seven speakers: J. Fraser Stoddart (Northwestern University), Eric Anslyn (UT Austin), Normand Voyer (Laval University), Bradley Smith (University of Notre Dame), Philip Gale (University of Southampton, UK), Thorfinnur Gunnlaugsson (Trinity College Dublin), and Jonathan Sessler, (UT Austin) headline this one-day symposium.For more information see the symposium website here:  Mardi Gras Symposium 2014


Todd Grussenmeyer (Schmel group) wins the 2014 Gerhard Closs Student Award from the Inter-American Photochemical Society.  Todd will give an invited lecture at the annual meeting in January.

Scott Grayson awarded an ACS-PRF grant for studying hyper-branched polymer architectures.

Working on a NSF MRI grant, the Rubtsov group has developed the world’s first fully automated dual-frequency two-dimensional infrared spectrometer capable of scanning a wide range of frequencies from 800 to 4000 cm-1. Known as 2DIR for short, it gives scientists a powerful new method to study structural dynamics of complex molecules in solution. 











Robert Pascal's article (J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2013, 135, pp. 13235-7), highlighted in September 2nd C&E News.

The Schmehl group, in collaboration with groups  at UNO and the University of Oklahoma, was awarded a grant totaling $ 1.47 M from the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative for work over the next three years on the effects of solar photochemical processes on the biotransformation of crude oil. The Tulane group will serve as a subcontractor for the work.


Professors Janarthanan Jayawickramarajah and Bruce C. Gibb begin to occupy laboratory space in the new Flower Hall for Research and Innovation.

Anderson Sunda-Meya (Xavier) and Brent Koplitz (Tulane) awarded a $500,000 NASA grant to provide research opportunities for undergraduate students in the New Orleans metro area.

The Department wishes to congratulate Joel Mague has just received a NSF MRI award for the, "Acquisition of a Single-Crystal, Micro-Source Diffractometer".


Professor James Donahue (co-authored with Professor Joel Mague) paper was featured on the cover of the July 2nd Issue of Inorganic Chemistry.  Read more: 


Congratulations to Professor Joel Mague who's proposal "MRI: Acquistion of a Single Crystal, Micro-Source Diffractometer", has been recommended for funding by the Division of Chemistry.


The Department congratulates Professor Bruce C. Gibb who has just received a National Institutes of Health R01 grant to develop new models of the Hofmeister Effect.

Congratulations to Professor Jayawickramarajah who has just received a National Institutes of Health R01 grant to develop molecular recognition triggered protein-inhibitors that are selectively activated by oncogenic microRNA sequences.

Professor Jayawickramarajah has been promoted to full Program Member status at the Tulane Cancer Center.


Professor Scott M. Grayson has been promoted to the rank of  Associate Professor with tenure.  Professor Grayson has established a world-class research program focused on the precise control of macromolecular architecture, for a range of materials and medical applications, April 2012.


The Department of Chemistry is delighted to announce that Professor Bruce C. Gibb has joined the faculty.  Professor Gibb is an acknowledged world leader i supramolecular chemistry in the aqueous phase.  His research interests include the self-assembly of structurally-defined supramolecular entities utilizing the hydrophobic effect, nano-scale compartmentalization, as well as fundamental studies into bulk phenomena displayed by water and aqueous solutions.



On March 1, 2012 Professor Bruce Gibbs new laboratory opened.   Professor and Chair Brent Koplitz dedicated the lab with a ribbon cutting.  The new lab located in Percival Stern on the 5th floor is a state-of-the-art laboratory.

 The Tulane chemistry department prides itself in hosting world-class seminars, as well as outstanding social events.

August 2011 - Dr. Alex Burin presents presentation at LTD Conference in Heidelberg.  Read more on presentation.  More

July 1, 2011 -  Dr. James Donahue is promoted to Associate Professor with Tenure.

Introducing the departments first Newsletter (Newsletter, Vol. 1)

Professor Scott Grayson, JACS publications ranked in top 20 most cited papers of 2006.

Prof. Igor Rubtsov, receives NSF grants for work on 2-D time resolved IR spectroscopy.

Professor of Chemistry, Dr. James Donahue featured in Tulanian, The Magazine of Tulane University, Spring 2007. (read article)

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