The Grayson Group


Post Doctoral Associates

Esteban Duran







Esteban Duran
Post-doc at the University of Talca, Chile


S. Gupta Sreerama, from Banaganapalli, India
B.S. Sri Krishnadevaraya University, India 1996
M.S. Sri Krishnadevaraya University, India 1999
Ph.D. University of Hyderabad, India 2005
Present Position:  Post-doc at University of Missouri

Doctoral Students


Brittany Myers Casey

Brittany Myers Casey, Ph.D. 2015
From Dallas, Texas
Baylor University, B.S. 2010
Forensic Chemistry Technical Manager, Southwestern Institute of Forensic Sciences

Boyu Zhang

Boyu Zhang, Ph.D. 2015
Research Scientist, Brewer Science, Rolla, MO


Boyd Laurent, Ph.D 2011
From Vacherie, LA

B.S. Louisiana State University, LA, 2005

Present position: Research Scientist at Nalco, Sugarland, TX

Yejia LiPh.D. 2011
From Shantou, China

B.S. Peking University Health Science Center, China, 2004

Present position: Research Scientist at Arkema, King of Prussia, PA

Marco Giles, Ph.D. 2011
From Camden, AR

B.S. University of Arkansas, Pine Bluff, AR, 2003

Present position: IRACDA Post-doctoral Fellow with Jin Wang
at Baylor Medical School, Houston, TX


Jessica Hoskins, Ph.D. 2011
From Charleston, WV

B.S. Grove City College, WV, 2006

Present position: Adolf Martens Post-doctoral Fellow with Steffen Weidner,
at the Bundesanstalt f
ür Materialforschung and –prüfung, Berlin, GERMANY
 Mallory Cortez, Ph.D. 2011
From Vacherie, LA

B.S. Nicholls State University, LA, 2006

Present position: Post-doc with Teresa Reineke at the University of Minnesota


Dawanee Eugene, Ph.D 2010
From New Orleans, LA
B.S. Nicholls State University 2004
Post-doc with Kathryn Uhrich, Rutgers University, NJ

Masters Students

Yi Wang

Yi Wang, M.S. 2014
InternWellspring Biosciences, La Jolla, CA

Undergraduate Members

Amy Milman

Amy Milman, B.S. Chemistry, 2015
From Austin, Texas

Matt Kiok

Matt Kiok, B.S. Chemistry 2014
From Monroe, LA

Joanna Lapucha

Joanna Lapucha, B.S. Chemistry and B.A. French, 2014
From Lafayette, LA


Kaitlin Willham, from Tacoma, WA
B.S. Tulane University, LA 2007
Present position: MD from University of Chicago


Jeremy Eberle, from Dallas, TX
B.S. Tulane University, LA 2008
Present position: applying to PhD programs in Psychology

Roy Emanuel from Houston, TX
B.S. University of Houston, TX 2008

Present position: Medical student at Washington University


Swati Jain, from Lake Charles, LA
B.S. Tulane University, LA 2009
Present position:  MS from Tulane in Cell and Molecular Biology


Gesine Veits, from Herten, Germany via Florence, SC
B.S. Tulane University, LA 2009

Present position: Doctoral student in Chemistry, UC Santa Barbara





Brian Cafferty, from Fairhope, AL
B.S. Tulane University, LA 2009

Present position: Doctoral student in Chemistry,  Georgia Tech


Gabriela Galdamez from El Salvador, via Beaufort, SC
B.S. Clemson University, SC 2009




Lin Bai from China, via Columbia, MO
B.S. Tulane University, LA 2010

Present position: Doctoral student in Biomedical Engineering, Washington University

Owen Williams 2009

Owen Williams
from Las Vegas, JYA Ireland
B.S. Tulane University, LA 2010

Present position: Doctoral student in Chemistry, University of Texas, Austin


Alegra Grieb, from New Orleans, LA
B.S. Chemistry and Art Studio, Tulane University, LA 2012




Beau Pritchett, from Sterling, VA
B.S. in Chemistry and B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering,
Tulane University, LA 2012


Monica Schwartz, from Salt Lake City, Utah
B.S. in Biochemistry, Tulane University, LA 2012









Kasey Hamilton, from Long Island, New York
B.S. in Chemistry and History of Art
Tulane University, LA 2013

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