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Group Goals

One significant goal is to develop photochemical systems that can be applied to the effective
conversion of light (solar) energy into other forms of energy, most often chemical and electrical energy.

Group News


Group part of GRI funded collaborative venture (with UNO and U. Oklahoma)
to explore photochemistry of Macondo oil

Bing has new Inorganic Chemistry publication (see publications)

4/2013 Patricia Fontenot and Rebecca Adams join group

Amelia received her official Ph.D. hood after completing her first year teaching at Loyola

6/2013 Nick Leed joins group after obtaining Ph.D. from Ohio State

7/2013 Jing Gu to start postdoc at NREL, moving from Princeton

7/2013 Tod Grusenmeyer becomes an official Candidate for Degree

Gilbert Kosgei successfully defends his Ph.D. and heads off for a postdoc at
Virginia Tech with Karen Brewer

Tod Grusenmeyer is awarded the Gerhard Closs Student Award by the Inter-American
Photochemical Society and presents an inivited talk at the I-APS Winter Conference

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