The Seminars page lists upcoming seminars given by invited faculty from other institutions. These seminars are open to all members of the Tulane community and will be held each Monday afternoon at 4:00p.m. in 204 Jones Hall.  For further details about the seminar schedule, contact: Professor Janan Jayawickramarajah.

Fall 2015 Chemistry Seminars

Monday, September 14

David M. Rogers, University of Florida, "Understanding the Origins of Irreversibility: Electrical Driving and the Second Law" (Brent Koplitz)


Wednesday, September 16

Haifeng Gao, Notre Dame, "Synthesis and Application of Functional Polymers with Highly Branched Nanostructures" (Scott Grayson)


Monday, September 21

Dvira Segal, University of Toronto, "Heat Transfer in Molecular Junctions: Models, Methods and Mechanish" (Alexander Burin)


Monday, September 28

Elisa Tomat, Arizona State University, "Interplay of Metal Coordination and Redox Chemistry for Medicinal and Synthetic Applications" (Janan Jayawickramarajah)


Monday, October 12

David Wright, Vanderbilt University, "The Inorganic Chemistry of Low Resource Diagnostics for Malaria" (Russell Schmehl)


Monday, October 19

Emily Pentzer, Case Western University, "Janus Graphene Oxide Nano-sheets" (Scott Grayson)  


Monday, November 2

1:00-2:00PM, 203 Stibbs

Nathaniel Hammer, University of Mississippi "Spectroscopically Tracking the Evolution of Noncovalent Interactions from the Single Molecule Level to the Condensed Phases" (Russell Schmehl)    


Monday, November 9

Dmitry Polyanskiy, Brookhaven National Lab "Mechanistic studies of reductive transformations in Artificial Photosynthesis" (Russell Schmehl)   


Monday, November 23

Edwin Heilweil, NIST,"From Photovoltaics to Photoswitches and Enzymes: A Perspective of Ultrafast Time-Resolved Infrared Studies of Energy Flow and Control" (Igor Rubtsov)  


Thursday, December 10

203 Stibbs

Tony James, University of Bath "Boronic Acids: Recognition, Sensing and Assembly" and Steven Bull, University of Bath "Boron Compounds for Determining the Enantiomeric Excess of Chiral Analytes and as Sensors for Detecting Fluoride, Hydroxy Radicals Peroxynitrite in Water"  (Bruce Gibb)


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