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Fall 2014

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Tulane Researchers Awarded Grant to Develop Smart Polymers September 19, 2014

Tulane researchers awarded grant to develop smart polymers

Hank Ashbaugh to lead the Smart MATerial Design, Analysis and Processing (SMATDAP) Consortium, and interdisciplinary research team in a NSF-funded Louisiana-Mississippi Consortium for an $18 million award.

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PhD Candidate Moses Oguntoye 2nd Place Win August 18, 2014

Moses Oguntoye

PhD candidate Moses Oguntoye won 2nd place for his poster entitled "Aligned carbon nanotube array as electric double layer capacitor electrodes" at the annual LASIGMA symposium on Aug. 18th, 2014.

300 Lindy Boggs Center, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA 70118, T: 504-865-5772, F: 504-865-6744