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Former Graduate Students


Bonnie Barrilleaux

Biomed. Sci. M.S.
Chem. and Biomolecular Eng. Ph.D., 2009

Research Interests

Bioengineering/Biotechnology: Stem Cell Technology; 3D Cell Culture; Cell Migration, Differentiation, and Gene Expression

Benjamin Fischer-Valuck 

Benjamin Fischer-Valuck

Chem. and Biomolecular Eng. B.S., 2007, M.S. 2009

Research Interests

Stem Cell Engineering and Technology in Regenerative Medicine

Previous Group Photographs

 K. O'Connor's 2007 Research Group

Group Photo, 2007. Students (left to right): Ben Fischer-Valuck, Bonnie Barrilleaux, Santosh Dhule, Andrew Katz, and Katie Russell.

K. O'Connor's 2002 Research Group

 Group Photo, 2002. Students: Carrie Giordano(left), Andrew Larson (left middle), Hong Song (left center),
Mark Venzel (right center) and Li Xu (right).

K. O'Connor's 1996 Research Group

 Group Photo, 1996. Students: Julie Talavera (left standing), Rich Enmon (left/center standing), Jim Muhitch (right/center standing), Nancy Cowger (right standing), Brian Leitsch (left sitting)
and Amy Primavera (right sitting).

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