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Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

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Julie Albert

Julie N.L. Albert, Ph.D.Assistant Professor

Ph.D., University of Delaware (2011)
Research Interests: Nanostructured Polymeric Materials, Stimuli-responsive Materials, Thin Film Morphologies, Surface Science, Combinatorial Methods, Solar Energy, Cancer Metastasis

Hank Ashbaugh, Ph.D.Associate Professor

Ph.D., University of Delaware (1998)
Research Interests: Classical Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics, Molecular Simulation, Solution Thermodynamics, Multi-Scale Modeling of Self-Assembly and Nanostructured Materials
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San Aung, Ph.D.Professor of Practice (Half-Time Appointment)

Ph.D., Tulane University, Department of Civil Engineering

W T. Godbey, Ph.D.Associate Professor

Ph.D., Rice University (2000)
Research Interests: Gene Delivery, Cellular Engineering, Molecular Aspects of Nonviral Transfection, Biomaterials
Vijay T. John

Vijay T. John, D.Eng.Sci.Professor
The Leo S. Weil Professor in Engineering

D.Eng.Sci., Columbia University (1982)
Research Interests: Self-Assembly and Nanostructured Materials, Polymer/Nanoparticle Composites, Biomolecular Materials, Microemulsion Systems, Clathrate Hydrate Thermodynamics
Victor J. Law

Victor J. Law, Ph.D.Professor
AIChE Fellow, IChemE Fellow
Chartered Engineer (UK and Europe)
Registered Professional Engineer (Louisiana)

Ph.D., Tulane University (1963)
Research Interests: Thermochemical Cycles for Hydrogen Via Water Splitting, Parameter Estimation in Complex Systems, Butanol as an Alternative Fuel

Brian S. Mitchell, Ph.D.Professor
Associate Provost for Graduate Studies and Research

Ph.D., University of Wisconsin (1991)
Research Interests: Nanostructured Materials, Fiber Technology, Materials Processing, Composites

Kim C. O'Connor, Ph.D.Professor

Ph.D., California Institute of Technology (1987)
Research Interests: Stem Cell Technology: mesenchymal stem cells, clonal heterogeneity, cell signaling, aging and regenerative therapies

Kyriakos D. Papadopoulos, Ph.D., Eng. Sci.Professor

D.Eng.Sci., Columbia University (1982)
Research Interests: Transport and Stability in Liquid-Emulsion Membranes, Transport of Multiphase Systems Through Porous Media, Marine Engine Lubricants

Noshir S. Pesika, Ph.D.Assistant Professor
The Robert and Gayle Longmire Early Career Professor in Chemical Engineering

Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University (2005)
Research Interests: Nanomaterial Synthesis and Characterization, Surface Functionalization and Rheology, Bio-Inspired Materials, Surface Science, Electrochemistry

Lawrence R. Pratt, Ph.D.Professor
The Herman and George R. Brown Chair in Chemical Engineering

Ph.D., University of Illinois (1977)
Research Interests: Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics, Theory of Liquids and Solutions, Molecular Biology, Electrochemical Capacitors and Electrical Energy Storage Systems, Statistical Methods in Computational Science Especially Molecular Simulation
Anne Skaja Robinson

Anne Skaja Robinson, Ph.D.Professor and Department Chair
The Catherine and Henry Boh Professor in Engineering

Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (1994)
Research Interests: Molecular and cellular engineering for improving protein production, developing cellular biosensors, and for understanding and control of human disease.

Top ⇑Emeritus / Adjunct Faculty


Richard D. Gonzalez, Ph.D.Professor Emeritus, Adjunct Professor

Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University (1965)
Research Interests: Synthesis and characterization of supported metal catalysts, In-situ spectroscopic methods, Reactions in organized media
Tessy Lopez Goern

Tessy Lopez Goerne, Ph.D.Adjunct Professor

Ph.D., National Metropolitan University of Mexico (1989)
Research Interests: Medical Implants, Controlled Drug Release, Chemotherapy, Nanomedicine. Sol-Gel Synthesis, Nanostructured Materials

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