Research & Training Facilities

The Department of Biomedical Engineering is located in the Lindy Claiborne Boggs Center and includes more than 16,000 square feet of Biomedical Engineering offices, laboratory, and classroom space. Major items of research equipment include:


Apple Xserver; SGI workstations, workstation-class PCs and Macintosh computers in laboratories and the departmental computer laboratory. Substantial computational facilities are available through the Center for Computational Science (CCS). The CCS coordinates interactions between Tulane University students and faculty and the Louisiana Optical Network Initiative (LONI), which provides statewide supercomputing facilities for scientific research and economic development.

Physiology Laboratory:

A physiology laboratory is equipped to perform numerous physiology experiments and demonstrations.

Solid Mechanics:

Digitally controlled MTS axial/torsional universal testing system, console-mounted and portable strain gage conditioners, ultrasonic testing apparatus.

Fluid Mechanics:

TSI Micro-Particle Image Velocimetry (mPIV) system, Brookfield cone-plate viscometer, Cahn surface tension balance, Electronetics pulsating bubble surfactometer, computational fluid dynamics software.

Experimental and Computational Tissue Mechanics:

Universal Cartilage Testing Device, High Resolution Imaging System, ultrasound indentation probe, biosafety cabinet, centrifuge, microscope, incubator.


Computer-controlled, dynamically masked microstereolithography system; organic synthesis apparatus; lyophilizer; cell- and tissue-culture apparatus; laminar flow hood with dissection microscope; vibratome.


Full suite of GPIB connected test equipment to support development of PIC and Basic Stamp microcontrollers. LabVIEW is used for algorithm and control loop development and prototyping of implant, telemedicine, and monitoring applications.

Pulmonary Function:

Spirometers, flow and pressure instrumentation, data acquisition, acoustic measurement systems.

Tissue Engineering:

This facility is fully equipped for cell/tissue culture and a range of chemistry and microscopy techniques. Major equipment includes biosafety cabinets, centrifuges, phase-contrast and epifluorescence microscopes, incubators, microplate spectrofluorometer, gel imager, Coulter counter, microplate washer and reader, FTIR. Additional facilities available through Tulane’s Coordinated Instrumentation Facility (CIF)

Lindy Boggs Center Suite 500, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-865-5897