Current Undergraduate: Capstone Items

A table that lists the BMEN  courses that satisfy the Tulane-Newcomb College Core Requirements, including the capstone sequence, can be found in the Student Handbook.

Undergraduate Research

One of the distinctive features of Tulane’s undergraduate program is the requirement that all students participate in year-long individual research project (in addition to the team design projects).

Although individual research projects, including an undergraduate thesis and public oral presentation, have been a part of Tulane's undergraduate curriculum in Biomedical Engineering since 1977, we have only recently made the conference abstracts available (since 2001). Beginning in 2003, we have hosted an Undergraduate Research and Design Conference, with an abstract booklet. The links below open PDF files with abstracts and conference proceedings.

 2013 Conference Proceedings  2012 Conference Proceedings 
 2011 Conference Proceedings   2010 Conference Proceedings
 2009 Conference Proceedings  2008 Conference Proceedings
 2007 Conference Proceedings   2006 Conference Proceedings 
 2005 Conference Proceedings  2004 Conference Proceedings 
 2003 Conference Proceedings  2002 Abstracts
 2001 Abstracts 

Team Design Projects

Team design projects enable Biomedical Engineering students to develop their knowledge and skill while they produce designs that benefit individuals with disability. After meeting their client, teams members evaluate the needs and specify design goals. The team members apply engineering principles to refine and construct a system to meet these goals.

Each spring the teams present their designs in a show to which our clients and the public are invited to attend. Projects that are beneficial and safe are given to our clients for their use. The projects presented at a recent show include a powered calf-raising attachment for a wheelchair, a challenge course for a school playground, and a communication trainer for profoundly autistic children. More information is available at our course home page.

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