Tad Bogdan

Tad Bogdan is the Head of Sales and Consulting for Link-up, International. Link-up uses the proprietary Instinctive Drives System®, to help individuals, leaders, and teams accelerate business results; achieve peak performance; and identify personal formulas for success and fulfillment. Link-up offers a range of solutions, including a personal assessment tool that contains an interactive video coaching experience, executive training; and teaming and collaboration consulting, to accelerate business results for Fortune 100 companies.

Tad graduated from Tulane University with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. As an undergraduate, Tad was cross-registered in the MBA program at Tulane’s A. B. Freeman School of Business. The “Green Wave” is an enduring family tradition -- Tad’s brother, two nieces, and nephew all graduated from Tulane University.

Tad’s first job out of college was as a math teacher and assistant wrestling coach at Jesuit High School in New Orleans. Eventually, Tad’s passion for people and technology-related business led to a career in business development, sales, and marketing. Tad honed his skills at Sun Microsystems, where he expanded the company’s business into nine countries across the Asia-Pacific region. Tad also launched Sun’s Java Card Platform, the most ubiquitous computing platform in the world, which now has over 10b licenses for products ranging from smart cards to mobile phones. Capitalizing on his knowledge of international business, Tad filled senior leadership roles in American, British, French, South African, and Australian companies.

In 1998, Tad’s entrepreneurial spirit moved him to become a Founding Member and SVP of Sales & Partnership Development for The Brodia Group, which became the leading cloud-based digital wallet and bank-branded online shopping site. Tad’s work with technology startups continued when he co-founded and became CEO of MultiMode, a mobile messaging company ultimately acquired by Clickatell, one of the world’s leading mobile messaging companies. Additionally, Tad was President and CEO of Ecrio, an embedded communications and mobile commerce solution provider. Tad’s extensive professional experience includes VC fund raisings, multiple Board of Director memberships, buy- and sell-side M&A, and the successful launch-to-acquisition of startups.

Early in his career, Tad was attracted to the innovative business, cultural, and environmental climates of the San Francisco Bay Area. Tad and his wife Monique love the combination of city life in San Francisco and weekends at Lake Tahoe, where they enjoy numerous outdoor sports including skiing and kayaking.

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Tad Bogdan

Head of Sales and Consulting
Link-up, International

School of Science and Engineering, 201 Lindy Boggs Center, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-865-5764