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While at Baylor, post-Katrina, (2005-20006), a first year medical student (T1), Niels Olsen began recording (audio) lectures for members of the T1 class. In the Fall of 2006, Niels approached Dr. Craig Clarkson,  (Medical Pharmacology faculty member) about recording lectures for the year 2 class (T2). Niels and Dr. Clarkson started audio recording "all" T2 lectures and manually uploading them with slides to the School of Medicine server. The web delivery mechanisms continued to evolve during the year. 

In the Spring of 2006 the school moved to "one-stop shopping" web pages for the T2 curriculum. At a glance, per block, students could find all related class resources including the audio recordings (podcasts) and slides. There was some T1 recording and posting by a couple students, but it was periodic. In 2007-2008, starting with the Cancer block, Tegrity lecture recording became a pilot project for all medical Pharmacology lectures due to the generosity and support from SPH/TM. The pilot was expanded during the 2008-2009 academic year. Starting this academic year (2009-2010), and due to the support from Dean Krane, all first and second year classes are Tegrity enabled. First and second year student volunteers assist faculty in recording lectures.


The point of contact for first line support is Chris Andrews, in the Office of Medical Education. Chris is located in suite 1730, 1430 Tulane Ave. He can be reached via the main number (504) 988-6600.

Student Support

Your instructor will provide lecture links. In the event you have trouble viewing a presentation, please contact Chris. Note that Mac users may be asked to download and install Microsoft Silverlight the first time they listen to recorded lectures on a Mac.

Faculty Support

Faculty who want to record lectures presented from personal computers instead of the podium may install the Tegrity recorder. To obtain a personal Tegrity faculty account, please contact Chris. To obtain a class folder for recorded lectures, please contact Chris. You may record your lectures during live presentations or in the privacy of your office for "on demand" only student viewing.

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