Peer Evaluation


When using Team-Based Learning (TBL), it is essential to incorporate peer evaluation into the course grading structure.  Peer evaluation allows for reinforcement of individual accountability which is a critical component of the TBL process.  WebPA is an online automated tool that facilitates peer evaluation of group work. The following assessment form has been adopted by Tulane SOM to provide students with the opportunity to evaluate individual student contributions to overall group work.  For assistance with setup and dissemination of this form, please contact

Assigning Points

For each criterion you have 100 points to split among your teammates. If everyone contributed equally, then everyone should receive the same score. However, you can take points away from teammates who performed poorly, and re-allocate them to those you thought performed better.

Assessment Criteria

Assessment of Contributions of Group Members

You will assign one score for each member of your group. Evaluate the contributions of each person in your group EXCEPT yourself, by distributing up to 100 points among them. Include comments for each person. Consider the following suggested criteria as you assess the contributions of your peers to the work of the group.

1.    Preparation: Were they prepared when they came to class? For example,

o    Routinely punctual; uses time effectively
o    Late; colleagues or instructors are kept waiting

2.    Contribution: Did they contribute productively to a group discussion and work? For example,

o    Has the team as a clear priority, but can balance own life appropriately
o    Lack of accountability, actively avoids responsibility and seeks easy tasks
o    Low standards of achievement; strives to just pass
o    Always seeking additional knowledge and skills

3.    Respect for others' ideas: Did they encourage others to contribute their ideas? For example,

o    Respectful of others
o    Respectful of others to the neglect of self-respect
o    Disrespectful of colleagues and instructors

4.    Flexibility: Were they flexible when disagreement occurred? For example,

o    Demonstrates good balance between active listening and participation
o    Accepts instructive feedback
o    Gives instructive feedback
o    Dominates discussion and unwilling to compromise

It is important that you raise the evaluation of people who truly worked hard for the good of the group and lower the evaluation of those you perceived not to be working as hard on group tasks. Those who worked hard should receive the full worth of the group's grades while those who did not should receive partial credit. Your assessment will be used mathematically to determine the proportion of the group's points that each member receives. 

Please use the comment boxes at the end of this survey to answer the following questions. There is one box provided per peer in which to answer both questions.

1.    What is the single most valuable contribution this person makes to your team?
2.    What is the single most important thing this person can do more effectively to help the team?

 WebPA_scoring template

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