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Dear Students,

The PAL program is comprised of student tutors who are eager to help you study more efficiently in medical school. The tutors are listed on this website: (login required) 

You may contact a tutor directly via the contact information provided on the PAL website.  If you cannot get in touch with a tutor or have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to contact the Office of Medical Education by phone at 504.988.6600 or via email at 

Have a successful year!


Peer Assisted Learning Tutoring Policy

Tulane University School of Medicine (SOM) is committed to providing a high quality-learning environment  to all students and offers free tutoring services to those who need additional academic support. Tutoring services include advice, guidance, information, and support appropriate to the student's mode, regime, and level of study, to assure that students are academically successful at the SOM.

All students who do not achieve a passing grade on an examination will be offered and should strongly consider accepting tutoring services.  Tutors will also be made available to any student who scores within 5 points of the lowest passing grade.   Students who score higher than this level will be allowed tutoring only if approved by their course director, the director of the OME, or the Sr. Assoc. Dean for Student Affairs. 

The Peer Assisted Learning program is available to all students.  Upper-class students serve as tutors and are recruited and trained by the Office of Medical Education.   Students can directly access the Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) Website and contact a tutor in their specific content area of need.  The goals of this program are:

  • To facilitate the transition of students through medical school
  • To ensure that students are aware of the requirements of their courses in terms of learning, skills and assessment
  • To enable students to identify their learning needs and develop the appropriate skills to achieve them
  • To identify students experiencing difficulty in the early stages of their academic career and to provide academic resources to support successful completion of their courses
  • To ensure that students are aware of the learning resources and support services available to them that will aid in the development of skills required to become an independent and lifelong learner

Please visit the OME website at to stay current on our events and seminars.

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