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Pediatricians Offered Advanced Course on Neurometabolic Disorders

NeurometabolicPediatricians were offered an advanced course on neurometabolic disorders over a four day span in March 2013. More than 60 participants registered for the training, including neurologists, pediatricians, neonatologists, fellows and biochemical geneticists from Hong Kong and China. The training included lectures, workshops and diagnostic sessions. The highly interactive meeting was a great success.

International team from:

  •     Tulane University Medical School (Professor Eva Morava-Kozicz and Professor Tamas Kozicz), United States
  •     Hospital for Sick Children from Toronto (Professor Ingrid Tein), Canada
  •     Radboud University Nijmegen (Professor Ron Wevers), Netherlands
  •     San Juan Hospital from Barcelona (Dr. Angeles Garcia-Cazarola), Spain And the multidisciplinary team of neurometabolic diseases from: St. Margaret Hospital and Queen Elizabeth Hospital (Professor Virginia Wong, Dr. E Yau and Dr. W Fung), Hong Kong


Tulane Poster Prize Winner

Tess poster



Tess Gadomski BcS, studying glycosylation disorders at the Morava Lab, won the Dean of the School of Medicine Award for Excellence in Research and Presentation by a Medical Student at Tulane Health Sciences Day.

Kevin Alexander's Story: An Intimate Chat with a PKU Patient

KevinKevin Alexander Alexander is a phenylketonuria patient who is followed by the Hayward Genetics Center. Kevin is also a successful videographer. He has created a video that tells his own story. This video is not to be missed!! To view video, click here.

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A Holiday Greeting from One of Our Patients

Holiday GreetingFuture American Idol?
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