Frequently Asked Questions

How many students are in your program each year?
This year we have 12 student and a typical class will range from 12 to 18 students.  We keep the class size small to maintain a more personal relationship between the faculty and the students and among the students.

How many people who apply to the program are accepted?

It varies one year to the next, but we get somewhere between 50 to 70 applicants.  We accept approximately 2/3rds of those that apply.  The percent of applicants accepted varies depending on the type of applicant pool we get.  We have found that a third to a half of the people we accept actually matriculate.

Are most of your students planning on continuing to Med School eventually?

Yes. Most, of our students are pre-med, but we have had students go work for research labs, pharmaceutical companies, forensic labs and biomedical technology companies.  Students have also gone on to PhD programs, genetic counseling programs, dental school and law school after completing our program. For a list of where some of our students go after they complete our program, click here.

What has the success rate been of previous students in being accepted to Medical School after completion of your program?
It varies from year to year, and there are some students that we lost track of, but from the information we have, we estimate that more than 90% of the students who apply to Medical School or a School of Osteopath have been accepted - not all the following year.

I know other programs have some kind of deal with the med school regarding interviews to graduates of Masters programs within the same university, is there anything like that at Tulane?
We have no deal with Tulane.  Tulane Medical School knows and respects our MS program, but there is no “deal”.  If you end up going to Tulane Medical School, we can get approval for you to be exempt from the genetics block in Medical School. 

What courses are offered?

A list of courses is provided on the website here.  All students take the same courses covering all aspects of Human Genetics.

In terms of the actual degree, I noticed that there is a paper involved in completion of the program, is it a literature-based paper?

Yes, it is a 20 to 30 page literature review on a topic of your choice (has to be related to genetics).  Each student has a faculty mentor to provide guidance in the writing of the paper and who will be the one who decides the grade for the paper. But it is not a “thesis paper” as it does not require original research.

How does your advising system work?

We are a small program with a small faculty.  Any problems with classes you can talk to the teacher, any problems with paperwork you can talk to Dr. Weissbecker or Gina in the Biomedical Science office.  Any problems with life, Dr. Weissbecker will try to help, and there is a Student Mental Health Clinic on the Uptown Tulane campus. In general, graduate school is more “on your own” than undergrad.  The Uptown campus of Tulane (where the undergraduate school is) also has a pre-med advisor.

Is there any way you could provide me with contact information from someone who has graduated from the Masters program so that I may ask them a few questions as well?
Email me and I will ask our recent grads if I can send you their email address.

Do you do “conditional acceptances”?
No, we require all the application material to be submitted before an admission decision is made (transcripts, GRE, MCAT or DAT scores, and three letters of recommendation)

Do you accept foreign students?
Yes, as long as all the application material is submitted and the student is accepted by the admissions committee.  For non-English speaking students, TOEFL scores are required.  

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