Hans Andersson

Hans Andersson, MD

Hans Andersson, MD

Director, Hayward Genetics Center
Karen Gore Professor of Human Genetics

Research Interests:
Inherited metabolic disease; diagnosis and treatment of lysosomal storage disorders; novel therapies of PKU

Hans C. Andersson, MD is the Karen Gore Professor of Human Genetics and Director of the Hayward Genetics Center at the Tulane University Medical School where he directs the Biochemical Genetics Lab. Following fellowship training in clinical genetics and cell biology at the National Institutes of Health and University Gottingen, Germany, Dr. Andersson holds American Board of Medical Genetics certification in Clinical Genetics and Clinical Biochemical/Molecular Genetics. His research has elucidated clinical features and pathophysiology of inherited metabolic genetic disorders, especially in lysosomal storage disorders. He is Co-PI of the Region 3 Genetics and Newborn Screening Collaborative (HRSA; 2007-2012) where he directs the efforts in: 1) developing a regional emergency preparedness plan and 2) telemedicine core for genetic care. Dr. Andersson is President of the SouthEast Regional Genetics Group (SERGG), holds membership of numerous national societies including the Society of Pediatric Research and is a Regional Coordinator for the International Collaborative Gaucher Group. He is Co-Chair of the National Coordinating Center Telegenetics Workgroup and a member of the Disaster Preparedness Workgroup.

Andersson's Curriculum Vitae

Hans Andersson, MD
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