General Medical Faculty Constitution: Article IV - Amendments


The Constitution is amended when at least two-thirds of the voting General Medical Faculty votes in favor of such action.

  1. Amendments to this Constitution may be originated by any voting member of the General Medical Faculty. The proposed amendment may be submitted at a regular or a special meeting of the General Medical Faculty and must be considered no less than one month later and no more than three months later. Notice of the proposed action shall appear in the agenda of both meetings and shall be circulated to all members of the voting General Medical Faculty at least one week in advance of the meeting. At such a meeting, minor changes in wording of the proposed amendment as previously circulated may be adopted provided such changes do not alter the original intent or sense of the amendments.
  1. Proposed amendments of this Constitution may be presented in a regular or special meeting of the Executive Faculty. If approved, the amendment shall be presented to the General Medical Faculty for action, as outlined in Article IV, Section 1.
  1. Amendments to this Constitution after approval by the General Medical Faculty, in accordance with Article IV, Item 1, must be approved by the Dean, Chancellor, and Board of Governors of the Medical School and the President of the University. The Dean, Chancellor, Board of Governors and the President shall each have thirty days for review. If none of these reviewers rule to the contrary within their prescribed thirty days, then the amendment(s) shall be considered approved.

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