General Medical Faculty Constitution: Article III - Responsibilities and Powers of the Principal Organs and Administrative Officers

  1. The General Medical Faculty
  1. Shall be apprised of all major decisions made by the Dean and by the Executive Faculty at regular quarterly meetings or at special meetings of the General Medical Faculty called for this purpose. At such meetings all major actions made by the Dean and by the Executive Faculty shall be presented by the Dean for discussion. The Agenda for each meeting shall be circulated to each member of the General Medical Faculty by the Dean at least one week prior to such meeting.
  1. May disapprove any of these decisions by a two-thirds vote of the voting members of the General Medical Faculty attending the meeting and provided that a quorum is present. In the event of disapproval by a two-thirds vote of the General Medical Faculty of any major action made by the Dean and/or by the Executive Faculty these shall be referred back to the Dean and to the Executive Faculty for reconsideration. The Dean shall appoint an ad hoc liaison committee consisting of representatives from the General Medical Faculty and the Executive Faculty to arbitrate the question under consideration and to make recommendations. Such recommendations shall then be further acted upon and following approval by the Executive Faculty shall then be submitted to the General Medical Faculty for their action as indicated in (a).
  1. Shall consider and act upon, at the regularly scheduled or special meetings of the General Medical Faculty, those matters referred to it by the Dean and/or the Executive Faculty.
  1. May individually or as a group make recommendations to the Executive Faculty and the Dean.
  1. The Executive Faculty

The Executive Faulty shall be the administrative committee of the School of Medicine representing the Tulane Medical School, including the General Medical Faculty. Ex officio members shall not have the voting privileges on the Executive Faculty except the Dean of the School of Medicine, who, in the case of a tie, may vote.The Executive Faculty shall:

  1. formulate and make decisions on School policy;
  1. act upon and respond to recommendations submitted to it by the standing committees, ad hoc committees, the General Medical Faculty and the Dean within 45 days of receipt.
  1. The Dean

The Dean is the Executive Officer of the School of Medicine, and shall assume the responsibility for the continual review of the role and operation of the Medical School and for recommending measures appropriate to the changing needs of the School. The Dean shall:

  1. administer the affairs of the School with the assistance of the Vice-Dean, the Associate and/or Assistant Deans, and the Departmental Chairmen, and with the consent of the Executive Faculty and the General Medical Faculty;
  1. have the authority to appoint and remove the Vice-Dean, Associate and Assistant Deans and other administrative personnel in accordance with established policies and practices of the University;
  1. nominate candidates for Departmental Chairmen on recommendation of Search Committee* for approval by the Personnel and Honors Committee, the Executive Faculty, and following consultation with the faculty of the department concerned;

*Guidelines for the appointment and operation of search committees for departmental chairmen were approved by the General Medical Faculty in December, 1979.

  1. maintain liaison between the Faculty and the Administration of the University;
  1. represent the School of Medicine as executive officer in all external matters including communications media and community agencies and individuals;
  1. shall review all appointments and promotions recommended by the Departmental Chairmen and refer these recommendations to the Personnel and Honors Committee and to the Executive Faculty for final action, except as indicated in Article III, Part 3, section g;
  1. act on appointments and promotions at the ranks of Lecturer, and Instructor, at his discretion and without referring the recommendations from Departmental Chairmen to the Committee on Personnel and Honors, or to the Executive Faculty;
  1. appoint standing committees and ad hoc committees;
  1. serve as a member, ex officio of all committees appointed by the Dean.
  1. The Departmental Chairmen

They shall have the authority and responsibility for administering the affairs of their respective departments, in consultation with the departmental faculty and the Dean. This includes recommending appointments to the faculty, recommending changes in salary and rank, and assigning working space within the Department.

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