General Medical Faculty Constitution: 

Article I - Principal Organs

  1. General Medical Faculty
  1. The General Medical Faculty comprises all persons holding appointments (whether full time or part time) in the School of Medicine as professor, associate professor, assistant professor or instructor.
  1. The members of the General Medical Faculty who shall have the right to vote will, henceforth, be referred to as the voting General Medical Faculty. The voting General Medical Faculty shall comprise the full-time professors, associate professors, and assistant professors in the School of Medicine.
  1. Executive Faculty
  1. The Executive Faculty shall consist of:
  1. President of the University (ex officio)
  2. Senior Vice President of Health Affairs (ex officio)
  3. Dean (Chairman, ex officio)
  4. Vice-Dean, Associate and/or Assistant Deans (ex officio)
  5. Directors of Divisions, Centers, or Programs (ex officio)
  6. Chairmen of all departments which are included under the administration of the Medical School
  7. Chairman of the General Medical Faculty
  8. Immediate past chairman of the General Medical Faculty
  1. Dean
  1. The Dean shall be the chief administrative officer of the School of Medicine
  1. The procedure for making his appointment as well as specifying his responsibilities and authority shall be consistent with the rules and regulations established by the University.
  1. Medical School Committees

Committees shall be divided into standing and ad hoc committees.

The standing and ad hoc committees will be specified in the Bylaws of the Principal Organs.

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