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Oliver Sartor, MD

For the second time in the past year, Dr. Sartor has been involved in a leadership role with a Phase III trial prolonging survival in advanced prostate cancer.  Given that there are only five trials in history to obtain this feat, the fact that Dr. Sartor has been involved in two out of the five in a leadership role has been notable. 

The first trial involved second-line chemotherapy with Cabazitaxel and this trial has now been published in Lancet as well as gaining FDA approval in June 2010.  It is the first trial to demonstrate a survival benefit after initial chemotherapy had failed.  Dr. Sartor was the international co-principal investigator for this trial, and senior author on the Lancet paper.

In the new trial, recently announced, the use of the new isotope Radium 223 has resulted in a prolong survival of a polaroid of patients with advanced metastatic prostate cancer and this is the first radio-pharmaceutical to prolong life in prostate cancer and in all likelihood will result in a FDA approval.  Dr. Sartor was the North American principal-investigator in this trial.

Dr. Sartor was a local investigator (but without a national leadership role) in a third trial which led to a prolongation in survival in metastatic prostate cancer using Abiraterone.  He currently is involved with his fourth Abiraterone study here at Tulane which is the first second-line hormonal agent to demonstrate survival benefits.  Abiraterone is now FDA approved.

Last summer Dr. Sartor was asked to testify for the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee in the case of the Lockerbie Bomber.  He was one of two prostate cancer experts in the nation chosen to review medical records in this infamous case and to give a report to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.  He testified in front of the committee in August of 2010.

Dr. Sartor is also the co-author of the prostate cancer chapter in the world’s best-selling oncology textbook, The DeVita Cancer textbook now in its ninth edition.  He co-authors this chapter with two physicians (one urologist and one radiation oncologist) from Memorial-Sloan Kettering.

Dr. Sartor is the Editor-in-Chief of Clinical Genitourinary Cancer and this peer-review journal was recently purchased by Elsevier which should lead to a wider readership.

Since June 2010, Dr. Sartor has published seventeen peer-reviewed manuscripts as well as two book chapters.

He currently runs approximately ten clinical trials in prostate cancer and is a national co-principal investigator in three of these trials.


Asim Abdel-Mageed, PhD

Active Research Projects

“Gene Expression Profile  Analysis of Prostate Cancer”

"Adipose stem cell-based therapeutic targeting of residual androgens in African Americans with bone metastatic prostate cancer" Co-Invest: Raju Thomas, K. Moparty

“Nuclear Matrix Proteins in Ethnic Disparity of Prostate Cancer"

 Pending Research Projects
b Axis in Disparity of Prostate Cancer”
“Cancer Health Disparities”


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