“Tulane’s section of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry faculty members are trained at many of the outstanding programs in the country, including Tulane. Thus, although united in values and a commitment to excellence, they bring diverse perspectives to bear on the problems of children and adolescents and their families.

In addition to Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, our faculty also have backgrounds in other fields, including Pediatrics, Nursing, Clinical, Developmental and Cultural Psychology, Genetics, Public Health, Law, Social Work, Mental Health Policy, and Sociology. These disciplines enrich the perspective and broaden and deepen the residents' understanding of children and their families.

Faculty work in many clinical settings and conduct basic and applied research. We are involved in program development and systems change at local, state, national and international levels. Residents have ample opportunities to work alongside faculty in these endeavors, including in international settings. Tulane Child and Adolescent Psychiatry faculty have won numerous professionals awards for their teaching, research and policy efforts in the past few years.”

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