Charles H. Zeanah, Jr, MD

Current Positions:
Mary Peters Sellars-Polchow Chair of Psychiatry
Professor of Pediatrics
Vice Chair, for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Executive Director, Institute of Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health
Director of Tulane Infant Team

Education and Training:
Tulane University 1973 B.A.
Tulane University School of Medicine 1977 M.D.
University of Virginia School of Medicine 1978 Internship in Pediatrics
Duke University Medical Center 1980 Residency in General Psychiatry
Stanford University School of Medicine 1982 Residency in Child Psychiatry
Stanford University School of Medicine 1984 Research Fellow in Child Psychiatry

My major academic interest has been in the area of infant mental health, especially in understanding infants' development in the context of the infant-parent relationships. I conduct research on the effects of abuse, neglect, serious deprivation and exposure to violence on young children and on interventions designed to help them recover. I also have studied approaches to understanding psychopathology in young children, in particular, disorders of attachment posttraumatic stress disorder, as well as interventions for young children who have experienced maltreatment. Questions under investigation include how early experiences affect development, what is similar and different about psychopathology in the early years, and what are the neurobiological correlates of behavioral disturbances in young children?

Selected Publications:
Smyke, A.T., Zeanah, C.H., Gleason, M.M., Drury, S.S., Fox, N.A., Nelson, C.A., & Guthrie, D.G. (2012).A randomized controlled trial of foster care vs. institutional care for children with signs of reactive attachment disorder.American Journal of Psychiatry, 169, 508-514.

McGoron, L., Gleason, M.M., Smyke, A.T., Drury, S.S., Nelson, C.A., Fox, N.A., Zeana, C.H. (2012). Recovering from early deprivation: Attachment mediates effects of caregiving on psychopathology.Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 51, 683–693.

Almas, A.N., Degnan, K.A., Radulescu, A., Nelson, C.A., Zeanah, C.H., & Fox, N.A. (2012). The effects of early intervention and the moderating effects of brain activity on institutionalized children's social skills at age 8. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 109, 17228-17231.

Slopen, N., McLaughlin, K.A., Fox, N.A., Zeanah, C.H., & Nelson, C.A. (2012). Alterations in neural processing of facial emotions and psychopathology in children raised in institutions. Archives of General Psychiatry, 69, 1022-1030.

Nelson, C.A., Fox, N.A. & Zeanah, C.H. (2013). Growing up in institutions: How deprivation impacts brain and behavioral development.Scientific American, 308, 62-67.

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Charles Zeanah

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