Our psychiatry faculty are proud of their educational activities. Most faculty teach at both the medical student and resident level often while providing clinical service in multiple sites. Our students and residents learn key concepts in both the classroom and at the bedside. Key faculty members are also involved in clinical research and welcome the participation of our trainees.

Thompson, John W., MD
(Chair of Adult Psychiatry)

O'Neill, Patrick T., MD
(Vice Chair of Adult Psychiatry)

Ahmed, Muhammed, MD

Alvarez, Mary Beth, MD

Armelie, Aaron, PhD

Artecona, Jose, MD

Blue, Michael, MD

Bordenave, Jay, MD

Carr, Brent, MD

Cretu, Julia, PsyD

Crouch, Leah, PsyD

DeLand, Sarah M.C., MD

Detrinis, Robert, MD





Johnson, Janet, MD

Kelly, Clay, Jr., MD

Levy, Danielle, MD

Mallik, Harminder, MD

Manguno-Mire, Gina, PhD

McConville, Brad, MD

Michalewicz, Leszek, MD

Nicholl, Jeffrey, MD, PhD

Peña, Jose M., MD

Pletsch, Gayle, MD

Potash, Mordecai, MD

Roberts, John, MD

Robinson, Dean, MD


Romero, Maryellen, PhD

Rouse, Jeffery, MD

Weir, Ashley, LCSW-BACS, ACSW

Snow, Anita, MD

Soong, Herman, MD

Stanton, Erin, MD

Traylor, Angela N., MD

Tynes, L. Lee, MD, PhD

Vyas, Sanket, MD

Winstead, Daniel K., MD

Faculty Meeting