Thank you for your interest in our Combined Internal Medicine & Psychiatry residency training program. This is a field that we are passionate about and desire to grow; we are excited that you are interested in learning more and hopefully joining us! The program is a five year residency leading to board eligibility in both disciplines. It affords us the unique ability to care for the whole person, body and mind. The five years are roughly split half and half between Medicine and Psychiatry. Upon graduation, our resident alumni have chosen a wide variety of jobs including those that involve mostly medicine skills, mostly psychiatric skills, or a combination. Several graduates have elected to continue training in medicine or psychiatric fellowship programs.

At Tulane, we are fortunate to enjoy mutual support for the program from both the Department of Medicine and from the Department of Psychiatry and Neurology. We believe this is important for a combined residency to thrive. We also believe that there must be regular opportunity to integrate the two fields, rather than have just a collection of blocks on each specialty. Tulane's Med/Psych program offers numerous of those opportunities; we invite you to peruse our website to learn more about them and the field.


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