Welcome to Tulane Med/Psych!

As you explore your options in combined training, you are wise to check out Tulane, as we are constantly progressing towards our goal of innovating in integrated care.  No one needs to be reminded how the flood of 2005 impacted our community here in New Orleans, but only a visit here can really show the scope of how much recovery has been achieved and how much is yet on the horizon.  The shifting landscape of the health care system in New Orleans has afforded us the opportunity to redesign systems of care to be more patient-centered, community-based, and focused on quality and access.  Tulane leads innovations that have allowed for more integration of behavioral and physical care, and our faculty and residents are the linchpin for that innovation within our multitude of clinical environments.  We have five dual-trained faculty members at Tulane working in primary care, forensics, consult-liaison, inpatient and outpatient psychiatry and now have 8 strong residents with interests just as diverse.  In addition to rotations in both departments, Med/Psych residents maintain two combined clinics nested within both the academic and the community-based primary care clinics.  We expect to create a third as the new VA in New Orleans is set to open in 2015.

Tulane was one of the first combined internal medicine and psychiatry programs in the country, and we take very seriously our role in the integrated care movement locally, regionally and nationally.  Our faculty and alumni are involved in both specialty and generalist fields in both inpatient and outpatient environments, and our residents have a balanced curriculum that prepares them for careers at the forefront of that movement. We expect our residents to be leaders, educators, scholars, advocates, and clinicians from day 1 and grow yearly in their proficiency in all those areas.  The new University Medical Center planned to open in 2015 holds high hopes for the Med/Psych inpatient unit we all know the city so desperately needs.

We seek self-starters who are committed to combined training and have a clear vision of what opportunities their specialized training will provide them.  If you are selected for an interview, you will get the chance to take a closer look at our unique program both in the relaxed setting of our first half-day-in-the-life and the more formal full day of interviews on day 2.  Another major reason you should come and see for yourself what's going on at Tulane is the City of New Orleans, which is unlike no other--make time for a proper visit.  

Ask yourself: "How important is it that the people I serve during my training need my expertise and care?" and understand how that drive to serve the neediest will be affected by where you train.  As physicians straddling both disciplines, we see all patients as Med/Psych patients no matter the setting where they are seen.  The people of New Orleans are deserving of the best care available, which we provide with a sense of purpose and meaning that we hope you share.  We look forward to sharing our program with you on your visit, then welcoming you to our field on Match Day no matter where you choose to train.

Mary Beth Alvarez, MD, MPH
Training Director, Combined Medicine/Psychiatry Residency Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry


Tulane University, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-865-5000