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Dept. of Pharmacology, SL 83
School of Medicine
Tulane University
1430 Tulane Ave
New Orleans, LA 70112
504-988-5444 or 800-347-5935

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NBME Question Guide
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 Full Time Faculty

Emeritus Professors

Research Instructors

  • Xiujin Xia, PhD.

 Adjunct Faculty


Adjunct Professors

  • Vivian Fonseca, MD
  • Marc Kahn, MD MBA
  • Vimal Kishore, PhD
  • Asim Abdel-Mageed, PhD
  • Franck Mauvais-Jarvis MD, PhD
  • Suresh C Sikka, PhD
  • James E Zadina, PhD 

Adjunct Associate Professors

  • Matthew E Burow, PhD
  • Ming Li, PhD
  • Bobby D Nossaman, MD

Adjunct Instructor

  • Chasity Beth (Baker) Coleman, PhD

1430 Tulane Avenue, SL-83, New Orleans, LA 70112 504-988-5444