Zubaida Saifudeen

Zubaida Saifudeen

Dr. Saifudeen did her Ph.D. work at Tulane University in the laboratory of Dr. Melanie Ehrlich, where she worked on transcriptional regulation by a methylated DNA binding protein.

She did her post-doctoral fellowship in Dr. Samir El-Dahr’s lab where she started working on transcriptional control of kidney development, work that she continued as a faculty member in Tulane Pediatrics. She continues to be a member of the Developmental Nephrology Group spear-headed by Dr. El-Dahr, which includes researchers in the NOLA region with an interest in renal development.

Her current research is focused on understanding the role of tumor suppressor p53 in early renal development, specifically in ureter outgrowth and in nephrogenesis. She is currently funded by a P20 COBRE grant awarded to the Tulane Hypertension and Renal Centre of Excellence as a junior investigator.


Department of Pediatrics, 1430 Tulane Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70112 504-988-5456