Section Members


 The Section of Neonatology continues to provide Attending services in the Level III-Regional NICU at the Tulane–Lakeside campus operating at the expanded 24 bed capacity. Our ability to accept transports from around the state and gulf south has increased because of the available additional beds.

HCA provided the funds necessary to expand the bed capacity to 28 beds with additional space re-configured within the existing NICU as well as expansion into the space currently occupied by the Well Baby Nursery and the family waiting room area. This new expansion/redesign will be implemented in this coming year and will enable the NICU to expand to meet the current code square footage requirement for the state of Louisiana.  Additional new Seimans Servo-i Ventilators and Omnibeds were purchased to enable the optimal care for the smallest of the premature infants.

Under the supervision the four Neonatology faculty members, the NICU is manned 24/7 by experienced Neonatal Nurse Practitioners (NNPs) and/or  housestaff  teams lead by second year or higher Pediatric for Med-Peds residents as required by the Louisiana Perinatal Plan.

Now that the Tulane Pediatric Heart team is up and running with Pediatric Cardiologists Dr. Mitch Recto and Dr. Song Yang along with our Pediatric Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Dr. Tom Yeh, we are once again able to manage the infants with congenital heart lesions. We have a fully operational Pediatric catheterization lab, a Pediatric Heart Unit, and operating rooms equipped with heart lung bypass and instrumentation to do the surgery on the complex congenital heart lesions with post-op ECMO capability.  Our neonatal/pediatric transport team stands ready to transport any baby with congenital heart disease from anywhere in the gulf south.

Jay Goldsmith, MD
Dr. Goldsmith is the Elsie Schaefer Chair of Neonatology and Section Chief of Neonatology-Perinatology Medicine. 

Lisa Barbiero, MD
Dr. Barbiero is an Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics.

Betty Martinez, MD
Dr. Martinez is an Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics.  She joined the Tulane faculty in 1998 after finishing her Neonatology fellowship here at Tulane.

Jane Reynolds, MD
Dr. Reynolds is an Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics and has been with Tulane for 30 years.

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