Current Residents


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Michael Marino, M.D.

Tulane Otolaryngology offers a unique opportunity to meet the challenges of our city and region. That is an exciting task, and all the while met with a collegial faculty and group of residents.



Virginia Plauche, M.D.

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Jacqueline Weinstein, M.D.


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Grayson Gremillion, M.D.

I chose this program due to its diverse patient population and the surgical volume. 

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Claire Lawlor, M.D.

The greatest strengths of our program are the faculty and residents. Wherever your interests lie within otolaryngology- be it research, national leadership, patent law, etc. - you will have the full support of the department. Having moved to New Orleans from the North East, Tulane provided me with a second family.


C. Alex Riley Resized

C. Alex Riley, M.D.

Tulane Otolaryngology has outstanding clinical learning environments, has some of the best staff in the country, and places a premium on cultivating a happy, friendly, and cohesive residency. Residents are encouraged by staff to pursue goals, whether personal, professional, or research-driven. We provide world class care to wonderful people in a wonderful city.


David Z

David Z. Cai, M.D.

I feel extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to attend Tulane for a post-baccalaureate, medical school, and now residency.  The supportive staff, close-knit residents, and the abundance of research opportunities were just a few reasons why Tulane was my top choice!


Amit S. Patel, M.D.

Tulane Otolaryngology offers collegial faculty/staff and a resident centric environment which fosters personal and professional development. Additionally the program offers exposure to a diverse array of healthcare systems and patient populations. 


Jason Pou,MD

Jason M. Pou

The Tulane otolaryngology program offers experience by fellowship-trained staff in all subspecialties of ENT in multiple healthcare systems.  There is abundant opportunity for research amongst collaborative staff and residents in the multicultural patient population of New Orleans.




Blair Barton, M.D.

Tulane Otolaryngology not only provides each of us with a unique patient population, it also provided us with great opportunities, and support from faculty to help each of us become the best physicians we can possibly be. 



Maria Grant, M.D.

The Tulane faculty are dedicated, fun to work with, and excited to teach, the residents are one big family, the patients are extremely diverse, and the city is one of a kind!

Blake Raggio

Blake Raggio, M.D.

Tulane ENT possesses everything I was looking for in a residency program: a tradition of institutional excellence, a supportive faculty representing all fields of otolaryngology, enthusiastic and welcoming residents, and the backdrop of an iconic and culturally diverse city that encompasses all aspects of healthcare and personal needs.


Ashwin Ananth,MD


Ashwin Ananth, M.D.

Tulane's Otolaryngology program gives me the opportunity to learn my profession from mentors and peers who I am always comfortable approaching and who I enjoy being around.   I am proud to be a part of Tulane's ongoing commitment to decreasing barriers to care for the underserved in New Orleans.

Brody-Camp resized

Sabrina Brody-Camp, M.D.


The Tulane ENT department is a large part of the reason why I chose to pursue a career in otolaryngology. The faculty's commitment to teaching the residents and passion for their work are an inspiration. These qualities, as well as the close-knit atmosphere among the residents, made Tulane an obvious choice for me.



Jacob Brunner, M.D.

Being a part of Tulane Otolaryngology means joining a program dedicated to the education and mentorship of its residents. This approach against the backdrop of New Orleans makes for a unique and exciting surgical experience.

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